Top Klaviyo Alternatives to Help Grow Your Business

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Top Klaviyo alternatives to help grow your business

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We will be comparing the top Klaviyo alternatives in the market today. Select the best features and most affordable email marketing and automation tools to help grow your business. 

Most businesses desire to make more money and steer their growth into insurmountable levels. This is exactly what Klaviyo was designed for. To help in marketing automation and email marketing for e-commerce purposes. 

It explains why many merchants, as well as businesses, are running toward Klaviyo for all their email marketing needs. However, its pricing plans are repulsive. Hence most merchants are looking for a reliable email marketing tool that’s equally efficient as well as affordable. 

Fortunately for you, there are numerous Klaviyo alternatives in the market today to help achieve all your e-commerce goals and objectives – even improve its functionality. 

But before we get ahead of ourselves, how best do you understand Klaviyo? Most e-commerce software’s today force users to choose between moving fast and being effective.  

Klaviyo is a different cup of coffee altogether.  

Top Klaviyo Alternatives

It targets merchants who want to see their businesses grow. You could say, Klaviyo employs reliability and functionality to help provide an impactful bottom line without sacrificing time for e-commerce marketing. The sad part? The software costs an arm and a leg. 

Why is Klaviyo expensive? 

Klaviyo is a wonderful product, more than anything else it functions perfectly fine. But it’s pricing can be a little bit tricky to work with. 

Picture this: Your e-commerce website is pulling in more subscribers, assuming they reach 1001, you’ll be compelled to pay more each month at Klaviyo. And the more the subscriber numbers soar, the higher the costs you’ll pay every month. 

If you’re getting started it may work perfectly fine as you’re likely to attract fewer subscribers on your list. However, if you want to scale higher, it can get expensive really fast. 

For instance, if you pull in 1001 subscribers, you’ll be subjected to pay $75 every month. And if the numbers jump to 2001, that’s $125 each month. So the higher your subscriber list grows, the higher the amount to pay. No matter how you use Klaviyo, it will still cost you a lot.  

But worry not! This post brings to light 6 Klaviyo alternatives you can choose for all your enterprise e-commerce marketing needs (without putting a dent on your wallet). 

Let’s dive in! Shall we? 

The Top Klaviyo Alternatives Compared

1. MailChimp 

mail chimp logo

If there’s ever a yardstick for email Marketing then MailChimp is just the one. This all-in-one marketing platform helps grow your business.  

If you’re running MailChimp multi-channel campaigns you’re most likely to experience over 100% increase in sign-ups. And even more in terms of subscriber interest to your services. 

MailChimp boasts a super intuitive interface. It employs simple functionalities, and overall, an easy to use visual editor – never mind clear tutorials to help users maneuver through and understand all its features. It’s so easy to get started on MailChimp. And what’s more, it’s free.  

What makes MailChimp so popular? 

  • It allows you to do more and especially put your audience first. Once you know whom you’re talking to, it’s so easy to say the right things to them just to pull them in. This is what MailChimp is all about, and designed for. It helps focus on your audience and makes communicating to them so easy. 
  • It brings your brand to life. Nothing speaks professionally to an audience than an elegant brand.  MailChimp helps you look like a professional through elegant and easy-to-use design tools, which help put up powerful email marketing campaigns
  • Creates integrated campaigns. You can spread your brand’s message through social, email, and ads – so effortlessly. 
  • Turns data into insights. MailChimp will help provide better recommendations on how to turn your email data into smarter communications for your audience as you go. 

MailChimp pricing: If you’re growth-minded, you’ll enjoy flexible pricing plans that MailChimp offers its customers. As your business grows, you can scale into different plans. Currently, MailChimp offers four pricing categories: Free, Essentials, Standard, and Premium.  

MailChimp recommends users to employ Standard plan – pricing starts at $14.99 a month. The pricing plan is designed for businesses that want more customers. See pricing

2. ActiveCampaign 

ActiveCampaign logo

If you want to make meaningful business connections and even grow your business, you need email marketing, sales CRM, email marketing automation, and messaging tools to achieve your objective – if not meet all your email marketing needs. 

That’s what ActiveCampaign is all about. 

It goes above email marketing with true marketing automation. What does this mean exactly? That the software provides features such as event tracking, site tracking, automation goals, and split action as part of its marketing automation abilities. 

In other words, ActiveCampaign doesn’t stop at email marketing. It does more than that and it helps grow your business to insurmountable levels. And here is why! 

  • Powerful marketing automation makes it easier to run your marketing. It gives back your time by providing simple workflows automated on your marketing services that no one has time for. 
  • Smart CRM helps sales automation. You can sell more as long as CRM is in place together with email and sales automation to keep your customer’s data in one place. 
  • Website messaging helps message customers when it matters. It’s all about making meaningful connections with your customers. This feature allows you to ask for feedback – even answer questions – at the exact moment, you’re engaged to customers. 

ActiveCampaign pricing: The pricing plan is simple with no setup fees. However, the pricing model is based on the number of subscribers you have on your list. It also considers the features you want to use to determine the best price. 

For example, the plus plan goes for $49 a month and you have access to CRM with sales automation feature, and also customer user permissions feature. But if you don’t need these features, you can opt for the Light plan for a price of $9 a month. See pricing

3. Drip 

drip logo

Your business can only stand out if it runs on an e-commerce CRM like Drip. Why? It makes consumers identify and even remember what your brand offers. 

That’s the whole point of e-commerce marketing. To make customers recognize and ultimately remember your brand. You see, 90% of consumers tend to buy products and services from a brand they can easily remember, and which tailored to their needs. 

Drip is a powerful e-commerce marketing tool designed with the customer in mind. Here’s what it simply does, and which sets it apart from other Klaviyo alternatives: 

  • Understands a customer’s journey. Drip helps you get an insight on what your customers are looking for, clicking, and even yearning for when navigating your site. Drip understands a customer’s story and lets you tag and identify each and every of the action behind each unique customer that visits your website. 
  • Sets your business apart with on-point personalization. Drip separates people from the pages they click on your website, things they buy, emails they open and beyond. 
  • Builds trust and loyalty. Drip’s email marketing strategy helps reach customers anywhere, anytime regardless of which stage they’re on the customer’s journey. 
  • Analyze and optimize data. You can easily see what campaigns or emails are creating a huge impact with your customers through Drip email marketing features. 

Drip pricing: Pricing is determined depending on the number of subscribers on your list. So the higher your subscriber count, the higher the amount to pay.  

For instance, if you want to reach up to 5,000 active people on your email campaigns, you need to pay Pro plan at $122 a month.  If you want to target half the number of active people, you can pay $49 a month for the Basic plan. See pricing

4. SmartrMail 

smartrmail logo

Personalized email marketing couldn’t be easier with SmartrMail. This email tool is the easiest way to send your customers the product they’re most likely to buy at any given time – without the bells and whistles of other Klaviyo alternatives. 

The good thing about smarter email is, it allows you to create pop-ups and send basic automated email sequences for your email marketing campaigns. 

The interesting part? You don’t have to auto-update everyone on your email list, instead, SmartrMail allows you to update customers in segments at a particular time. 

For instance, if you have segments say of customers, this email marketing tool will choose to auto-update, at-risk customers, loyal customers, and then one-time customers. 

These segments are auto-generated or you can physically create them depending on your customer’s shopping behavior, campaign, or even profile data. It’s up to you. What are the benefits of using SmartrMail for your email marketing campaigns? 

  • Personalized emails. SmartrMail understands your customer’s behavior and the products they like at a particular time. This makes it easier for the tool to send personalized emails of products to your customers.  
  • Faster and easier newsletter emails. The ability to compose beautiful product emails in a span of seconds makes SmartrMail an ideal email marketing tool. That means you can get out your email newsletters a lot quicker and directly to your clients. 
  • Smarter abandoned cart emails. Sometimes a customer will abandon their cart mid-way before making a purchase. SmartrMail automatically alerts them through smart abandoned cart emails that convert them without trying. 

SmartrMail pricing: Unlike other Klaviyo alternatives that offer a free plan, SmartrMail doesn’t. Instead, it offers a 15-day trial period, which allows you to test it before you buy. 

The pricing model is based on features customers would want with recommended subscriber count. For instance, the Basic plan allows you tools to get started with e-commerce email marketing. And recommends up to 5000 subscribers starting from $29 a month. See pricing

5. Sendinblue 

sendinblue logo

If you love creating email campaigns to your specifications, then you’ll surely love Sendinblue drag-and-drop email building feature. It allows you to choose campaigns through templates, where you pick and select a design you want. Then customize it to fit all your company needs. 

Sendinblue simplifies your workflow as it puts all your contacts, SMS, and emails in one place for enhanced productivity and efficiency. 

It’s designed to make your business take flight through its sales and marketing tools that help you grow, make sales, and engage with your subscribers through better visual builders. Here’s how Sendinblue marketing tool takes your business to the next level: 

  • It lets you go everywhere your customers are. Thanks to powerful email marketing tools that get the word out quickly about what you sell through sleek designed email messages. And also SMS marketing tools that allow you to communicate directly with your customers for urgent messages. 
  • It gives life to your customer’s journey. The segmentation feature allows you to send your marketing messages to a specific targeted audience. Also, marketing automation tools save you time and boost performance by automating segmentations. 
  • It turns your visitors into customers. This happens beautifully through landing pages, signup forms, Facebook ads, and CRM (customer relationship management) that tracks all your customers’ details and puts them in one central place. 

Sendinblue pricing: Sendinblue pricing model is based on emails you want to send out to your email list in a month. For instance, Lite pricing plan allows you to send out 40,000 emails every month at a price of $25 a month. If you’re just getting started with Sendinblue, you don’t need to pay to send out 300 emails a day. See pricing.  

6. GetResponse 

getresponse logo

Looking for an easy-to-use, powerful yet cost-effective Klaviyo alternative? GetResponse is an all-in-one mighty email marketing tool that works together – with marketing automation, landing pages, and easy email – to give your business instant results. 

GetResponse is the world’s top email marketing platform that has been in existence for over 15 years and serves over half-a-million customers around the globe. Considering the level of productivity it achieves, the popularity it garners, and how much it steers business success, it’s easy to see why it’s regarded as the best online marketing solution for businesses growth. 

This efficient and reliable email marketing tool has the ability to maximize your return on investment (ROI) and help succeed your online marketing campaigns through its powerful features. Here’s what these features can achieve for your business: 

  • Create professional email campaigns. GetResponse sends out beautifully-designed highly-responsive emails to your subscriber’s list, which steers instant subscriber engagement and increases sales. It takes a few simple steps to get your entire campaign out and running. 
  • Build scalable workflows based on a customer’s story. Using a drag and drop feature, you can create a fully scalable workflow that allows you to track customers behavior, and how well they react (or not) on your sales funnel, i.e. when they abandon a cart or complete a purchase. 
  • Create beautiful, responsive pages that convert. Creating smashing highly responsive landing pages is the best way to attract new customers and increase your online sales. With ready-to-go templates, you can achieve your goal a lot faster. 
  • Convert visitors into loyal customers. Through GetResponse e-commerce tools, you can easily convert a visitor into a customer and even make them come back for more. 

GetResponse pricing: The amount you choose to pay depends on the size of your subscriber list. In other words, the more your list grows, the higher the amount you pay. However, amounts are slightly lower compared to Klaviyo marketing tool. 

For instance, if you’ve garnered 1001 subscribers, your monthly Basic plan amounts to $25. Compared to Klaviyo, this is a great save on your end. You can set up a free 30-day trial to get things started. See pricing.  


Klaviyo logo

Regardless of how far you want to take the success of your business, choosing an ideal, reliable email marketing tool will steer the growth of your campaigns to greater levels. You thus can’t overstate the importance of a reliable efficient and cost-effective email marketing tool. 

Before you choose a marketing tool to grow your business, ensure you weigh the downsides and upsides of each of the many tools at your disposal. Also try to understand the benefits they bring to the table, and how these benefits can enhance your business. 

Remember to choose an ideal email marketing tool for your e-commerce business that a) is reasonably priced, b) highly-efficient in email marketing campaigns, and c) reliable at all times. Ensure these three things are in place in a tool before you select it for marketing campaigns. 

You may not get to sample all email marketing tools in the market, however, there are a plethora of cheaper Klaviyo alternatives you can choose from – with equally powerful features. 

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