Best WooCommerce Payment Gateways

In your search for the best WooCommerce payment gateway, it’s a good idea to first look at the user journey in relation to the connection between cart abandonment and completing a purchase. Call it what you want, but cart abandonment is fundamentally lost income. These are leads who’ve essentially gone through the entire funnel and
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Ecwid vs WooCommerce: Which ECommerce Platform will you Choose?

If it was possible to reincarnate as an ecommerce platform, I’d like to come back as WooCommerce. Why, you ask? Well, it enjoys a market share of 28.18% for starters. Come to think of it, this alone undeniably makes it a favorite among entrepreneurs seeking to convert their WordPress sites to online stores. But, here’s
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SocialPilot vs. Buffer: Where Social Media Automation Plus Analytics Wins

SocialPilot and Buffer’s social automation features are time-saving and an integrated robust social media analytics feature makes them indispensable. Social media puts its best foot forward around midday, according to research. This is when social sharing and traffic is at its peak. Data also shows that social media traffic outperforms traffic to websites from late
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5 Top Cisco WebEx Alternatives for Online Collaboration

Use these online meeting tools to enhance productivity and give your business an edge. There’s one thing that all online meeting tools have: An ability to solve online collaboration problems. These tools help meet customer’s goals and objectives, enhance productivity, and collaboration in businesses and also among colleagues, customers, and friends. WebEx Meeting Center, now
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TubeBuddy vs VidIQ: Which one is better for views?

TubeBuddy and VidIQ are both fantastic and efficient channel management toolkits, but are they really that different? Olga Kay, a trained circus juggler, now top performing YouTube personality has been earning over $100,000 – $130,000 per year from YouTube. Many more ordinary people are making their upkeep from YouTube aka ‘new Hollywood,’ the worlds second
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5 Powerful Alternatives To Contactually

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a crucial aspect in running a successful business. A healthy customer relationship leads to customer loyalty and retention, which translates to revenue. This is the reason why visionary businesses are investing in CRM tools. There are many CRM software available today and Contactually is one of them. Its main focus
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SendWithUs Vs Mandrill: Which Is The Best Email Marketing App For You?

Choose an app that makes reaching customers and contacts easier and more convenient. So many things are happening around the world, and you would like to share with everyone in your circle about it. Years ago, this would have required printing and mailing a flyer, publishing a press release, or even paying for a newspaper
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Mouseflow Vs Inspectlet: Which Is The Best All-In-One Analytics Tool?

Discover the most reliable, efficient web analytics tool for your websites visitor’s engagement. Websites with the best user experiences easily convert visitors into customers and that is what you should aim for. But it is one thing to provide an efficient user experience on your website and another thing altogether to know how to effectively
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SalesHandy Review

Some say it’s a CRM platform. Others strongly dispute that arguing that it lacks all the requisite engagement channels to qualify as a full-fledged CRM software. They suggest that it’s more of an email marketing solution. Then there’s a handful of people who believe that SalesHandy is a sales optimization suite. Well, admittedly, its name
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5 Incredible Hello Bar Alternatives that Boost Conversions Fast

Bloggers and online businesses often have one goal: To increase more visitors and subscribers on-site. The goal is achievable if you employ the use of conversion tools to convert visitors into customers even keep them on-site for longer. Hello Bar is one such tool. A conversion rate optimization (CRO) software, Hello Bar makes designing attractive
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