Editorial Policy 

At The Digital Merchant, we strive to provide our readers with honest, authentic, unbiased reviews, comparisons, guides, and resources. To do this, we maintain a clear separation between our monetization and editorial teams. 

We do not receive payments directly from brands for sponsored content. We do work with brands that we already love and recommend to source special discounts, deals, and free trials for our Digital Merchant audience, but this does not impact editorial content decisions. 

We do provide affiliate links and offers for our audience at no cost to the reader. We promise to always disclose our affiliate partnerships. 

Our writers and experts are not associated with any brand, business, software tool or service or take part in any advertising-related activities. They represent themselves, with their own opinions, thoughts, and experiences on these tools here on this site. They are not brand ambassadors and only recommend specific products that they personally love. Our writers are here to test, use and research each product, service, or tool and share their real assessment of each. 

While The Digital Merchant’s business managers may provide advisory support on the topics or tools we discuss here, the topics and tools to review (including the best of lists, and comparisons) are all created by our lead Digital Merchant, Ewen Finser, who chooses topics based on ecommerce and industry-wide trends. 

Finally, each of our managers and editorial staff has agreed to protect the editorial independence and integrity of our content. 

We appreciate your trust and readership. 

The Digital Merchant Team