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By Ewen Finser

Last Updated on September 9, 2022 by Ewen Finser isn’t cheap, so finding the right deals and promotions is a HUGE win! Since we get this question often in the comments, I figured it’s time we created a page dedicated to tracking the best promos and special offers.

This is updated frequently and sometimes features special promotions just for our audience here at Annual Pricing Discount

The best ongoing discount (outside of major sales events) is definitely the 18% discount if you pay annually here. Startup Discounts

The other top discount I’d recommend looking into is the Startup Discount.

The reality is, MANY businesses can qualify as a “startup”, so it’s worth checking!

It’s not something that is actively advertised on the front-end of the site & the discounts are not publicly shared (seem to change based on your details), BUT can potentially be a much higher discount than the 18% standard annual one.

To see how much you are eligible for, you’ll have to reach out directly to via this webform

Does Offer a Nonprofit Discount?

Yes, offers a GREAT nonprofit focused pricing plan that is much more affordable than the standard pricing plans.

Just follow the steps here to see if you qualify.

Top Non-Profit CRM
Why Go with for Nonprofits?

Many nonprofit CRMs are YEARS behind business CRMs due to lack of budget & adoption. Because ALSO serves the B2B market (and is a market leader), they are constantly improving the tools BUT, unlike many other B2B tools, has a pre-built template & support for non-profits (and special discounts). It's really the best of both worlds and why I recommend it as the first option here.

Qualify for Discount Pricing
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Are you Eligible for the Nonprofit Discount?

As long as you meet the necessary documentation in your respective country as a recognized nonprofit or charity, YES, you are eligible. 

Features the Nonprofit Plan includes Nonprofit Required Documentation

Required documentation for the nonprofit pricing includes:

How you can tell if you are on the “Nonprofit Plan”

If you are currently operating as an approved Nonprofit Plan member, you will see a little tag on the bottom left corning of your account like this: Tax Exemption Process

There’s no automated way to generate a tax exempt payment because of how processes payments. However, you can manually have tax exempt paperwork sent to you. Just follow these steps:

  • Sign up for your plan
  • Once logged in as an Admin, send an email to [email protected] with the subject line: Tax Exempt – Seeking Tax Refund
  • Include your invoice number along with your tax exemption paperwork in the body and as an attachment.

Further Reading: Check out our guide to the Top Nonprofit CRMs ( made the list).

Does Offer an Education Discount?

Yes, offers qualified educational organizations or departments a discounted version of the Pro Plan.

Just fill out this form and will get back with you to verify eligibility. If eligible, should provide you with a coupon code to enter at checkout. Education Discount Eligibility

You are likely eligible for a Education Discount if you are in one of these buckets:

  • An IT Department at a school, college or university
  • An administrative department at a school (public or private)
  • An education program operating online
  • A trade school or vocational tech program
  • A high school student 16+

Does Offer a Student Discount?

Yes, offers FREE licenses for eligible individuals currently enrolled in certain institutions as well as faculty (for their classes).

What are the Student Discount program requirements?

To be eligible for the Student Discount, you’ll generally need to be in the following categories:

  • Students enrolled in an accredited higher learning program (college or university) who are 16 or older
  • Educations employed at an accredited higher education program (college or university) who are interesting in using with their students.

At this time, high school students and teachers are not eligible for the discount, but CAN apply for the Education Discount. Student Plan vs Education Discount

This can be a bit confusing as offers BOTH a Student Plan AND an educational discount program. 

The main difference between the Student Plan and the Education Discount is that the Student Plan is for eligible individual students and educators using in a classroom setting, while the Education Discount is for educational institutions such as a high school or college department or organization as a whole.

Does Offer Teacher Discounts?

Yes, does offer teacher discounts, but it technically falls under the same “student discount” plan referenced immediately above. If you are a High School educator, you’ll have to instead apply for the “Education Discount” as only students and teachers are colleges or university fall under the “Student Discount”.

Does Offer a Military Discount?

Unfortunately, does not currently offer a military discount for veterans or veteran-owned small businesses. I’ve asked! 

If does offer one (or one to our audience) I’ll update this section accordingly.

When do Sales Happen? tends to offer discounts and promotions seasonally during Q4 around the “Cyber Monday” or “Cyber Deals Week” sales period. Since this period of time seems to expand every year, I generally start watching for promos around the 2nd week of November all the way through the first week of December. may also offer a New Year’s deal. Referral Promotions

If you are an active user you can participate in’s Partnership Program here. While it doesn’t directly discount your monthly pricing, you can use payments from the program to effectively offset the cost.  This is a good strategy if you have at least a handful of people in your network who could benefit from using 

That’s all we have for discounts and deals here, but if you are still on the fence, consider some of our helpful guides below comparing the vs other platforms. Still Too Expensive?

If you can’t qualify for any of these discounts OR it’s still not enough to make your budget, check out our comprehensive guide to the Best Competitors. This assortment contains some less expensive and even free alternatives.

Otherwise, if you have something specific in mind, check out our head-to-head comparisons below. Comparisons to Other Platforms


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