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Eoin Cunningham

Eoin Cunningham compares, contrasts, and reviews digital products. He is studying to complete an MSc at the National Univerity of Ireland, Galway (NUIG), in Digital Marketing.

Shopify vs Etsy – Which is Best for You? [2022]

Today, we’re going to be comparing two popular eCommerce solutions – Shopify vs Etsy. When it comes to deciding between this pair, you need only ask yourself one thing: Do I need a platform, or do I need a marketplace? You see, for most people, a basic solution isn’t going to work long term.

But, who said any entrepreneur is thinking long term? Lots of online business people are what many would consider “moonlighters”. During the day they’re working 9-5 (“to stay alive” and all that), but come nightfall they’re dedicated to their side hustle.

And a lot of people like to make money while performing tasks in areas they’re passionate – like making handmade artsy gifts. Such people are usually operating on a small scale, which means that a marketplace is exactly what they need.

But other people, well, they may be moonlighters right now, but they’re working hard to turn their hobby into a fully-fledged, sustainable enterprise run in daylight hours. And so, a marketplace isn’t gonna

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Ecwid vs Shopify – Which Ecom Platform is Best?

Today we’re going to be comparing Ecwid vs Shopify. The objective is to provide you guys with a clear buying decision (Skip to the end). Hopefully, our comparison of these eCommerce platforms will help you choose the right online store builder for you.

Because let’s face the facts. Nowadays, there are so many Shopify alternatives (like Ecwid) out there that it’s difficult to choose the one that’s right for you.

And when you’re starting or running an online store, creating online marketplaces to host B2C and C2C sales, exchanging B2B offerings, or whatever it is that you’re doing – it’s important not to get overloaded and choose any old online store builder.

You could well regret your decision in the long run. So, take your time. Research as many eCommerce tools as possible. And start by digesting as much of this Ecwid vs Shopify comparison as your appetite allows.

Main Differences Between Ecwid vs Shopify:

The main differences between Ecwide vs Shopify are:

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Shippo vs EasyShip [2022]: Which is the Best Shipping Solution?

Shippo vs Easyship is a common matchup when it comes to eCommerce shipping fulfillment. People want to know that they’re buying the right offering, and why wouldn’t they? Shoppers will abandon their carts in a heartbeat – especially when they feel that the cost of shipping is too high. So, you need a shipping solution that offers reasonable rates and discounts.

Otherwise, your eCommerce gig will suffer big time. Even with that in mind, however, you’re still looking for software that can print shipping labels effectively.

There’s no point going and purchasing a license with an online shipping company offering unrealistically low rates, only to find it has none of the features you need. And, like it or not, Read More about Shippo vs EasyShip [2022]: Which is the Best Shipping Solution?

The 5 Best BigCommerce Payment Gateways

Are you looking for the best payment gateways to integrate with BigCommerce? Well, then you’ve come to the right place because in this article we’re giving you the five best BigCommerce payment gateway providers.

If you’re wondering why you should stick around then take a moment to consider:

  • The damage payment fraud could do to your business.
  • How much a high rate of credit/debit card fraud could damage your brand equity.
  • The time it’ll take to rebrand and rebuild your broken brand image.
  • How detrimental negative customer reviews via social media could be to you inbound marketing pursuits.
  • Why all of these things combined will deflate your percentage market share.

Do I have your attention yet?

Anyway, avoiding payment fraud is a lot easier when you’ve got a shortlist of reputable payment aggregators and processors offering gateway services. And it just so happens that this post offers exactly that.

So if

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