Long Tail Pro vs SEMrush [Aug 2019]: Which Is The Best SEO Tool?

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If you want to find profitable keywords for your online campaigns make sure to use the perfect keyword research tool that suits your blogging needs.

Have you been trying to get search engine traffic for your website to no avail? Are you torn on how to go about researching profitable keywords? If so, it is time you invested in a keyword research tool.

When you have a proper search engine optimization (SEO) tool at your disposal, you are more likely to grow your income two-fold even double online sales. And that’s every blogger and online marketer’s dream. Investing in a reliable keyword research tool thus helps pull in traffic from search engines.

But not any kind of traffic, though. High-quality traffic. This type of traffic directs specific or ‘targeted audience’ to your site. If you employ the use of an ideal SEO tool, you’ll have quality traffic on your site.

However, most people don’t know how to go about using a premium tool. They don’t know how to find the right keywords that target quality niche traffic back to their website. Even though keyword research tools such as SEMrush and Long Tail Pro (and others) exist in the market, you have to know which is precisely suited for your blogging or online marketing needs.

If you’ve been trying to find a dependable and resourceful keyword research tool to no avail, you are in the right place. Also, if you’re torn between choosing SEMrush or Long Tail Pro for your campaigns, you are equally in the right place.

At the end of this post, you will decide which of these two tools is perfect for your blogging needs, and which one is designed to exceed your expectations the most. Ready? Let’s get started.

Before we start…

Why choose a premium keyword research tool over free a one?

There are a handful of reasons – actually, three reasons to be precise – why choosing a paid keyword research tool will come in handy compared to choosing a free tool such as Keyword Planner.

  • The process of finding the best and profitable keywords is easy.
  • Researching the right keywords is fast. And you get lots of keyword ideas within seconds.
  • Helps you peek into your competitors’ website and see what keywords they are using to bring in quality traffic to their website.

Your SEO plan should begin with choosing the right keywords for your website, or even spying on the keywords your competitors’ are using. If you skip this stage you’re likely to struggle to find the perfect keywords to increase traffic to your website. Make sure hence to stick to a paid keyword tool.

Why you should start using SEMrush

semrush homepage

You’ll be amazed at how many “online gurus” use SEMrush for their SEO needs. Too many experts and online influences employ the use of this incredible “magical” tool, and for good reasons. It is perhaps what the doctor ordered! It’s the easiest and cool way to boost your search engine traffic.

The good thing about SEMrush is, it has stood the test of time. It’s tested and proven to work as it claims, and different online SEO experts couldn’t be wrong about it.

If you’re targeting audience say from different countries at a particular time, you’re guaranteed SEMrush has more than a few databases in various countries. It will hence pinpoint the perfect keywords to use depending on their targeted location.

In other words, it helps you choose a keyword for an audience depending on their location. The said databases are updated on a regular basis. So in case, your competitor decides to choose a keyword for a particular reason for a targeted audience, you’ll get wind of it.

In fact, SEMrush provides you accurate information about your competitor and the keywords they are using for their marketing campaign. Put it another way, if you want to know which profitable keyword your competitor is using to top search engine results and where they are acquiring search traffic, the tool will help you know alright.

You can even overtake them on Google rankings with the help of the SEMrush keyword research tool. And if you want to learn more about a keyword phrase or niche area, this tool will help gather as much in-depth information as possible

What are the benefits of using SEMrush?

  • Pinpoints the exact traffic your competitor’s website is bringing in.
  • Helps you visualize even analyze backlinks of your competitors’ website
  • It’s easy to carry out keyword research
  • Helps you fix all your website issues by creating site audit for your site
  • Helps you visualize the exact position of keywords, and how good they rank
  • Helps you analyze up to five competitors websites

What are the downsides of using SEMrush tool?

Besides having to pay $99 every month, there are no downsides of using this tool. Compared to the value you get when using SEMrush, $99 is a reasonable amount to part with each month. The tool’s benefits far outweigh its cons.

If you’ve been using SEMrush for the longest time you’ll understand why it comes with a high price tag – It is downright efficient, unfailing, and helps steer the growth of search traffic significantly.

Imagine having the ability to spy on your competitor’s top profitable keywords. On top of that, have the chance to visualize the backlinks they are using even estimate the search volume their website is pulling in (with the help a site audit which you can carry out so long as you have SEMrush).

Wouldn’t you want to pay more for this tool, if it can do all this and more? It even helps fix any issues on your website. You cannot overstate the importance of SEMrush If you are a blogger/online marketer and want to grow your online sales or increase traffic.

Long Tail Pro has no such capabilities, though. You can’t visualize your competitor’s traffic or snoop on the keywords they are using at a particular time. Or, even analyze their site’s backlinks.

Why should start using Long Tail Pro tool

Long Tail Pro Homepage

It’s frustrating to use Google’s Keyword Planner. Even more frustrating is using other freemium keyword research tools. Why? Because they provide you with the same keywords that other people are using. It’s impossible to break even when using commonly used keywords on your content. Then again, there is nothing fancy about competing with everyone else for low keywords on the Internet.

If you are looking for a better and effective alternative, consider using Long Tail Pro tool. It helps you select profitable keywords that are less competitive in the market. As discsused earlier, you are likely to rank better on search engine searches using premium tools vs free keyword research tools. This is MAINLY because keyword competitiveness scores are the crucial ingredient.

What are the benefits of using Long Tail Pro?

  • It’s easier to identify opportunities for more keywords
  • It’s easier to check the viability of a keyword in a niche
  • Helps you focus on profitable keywords only
  • To boost your traffic you can create targeted campaigns
  • It’s easy to search multiple keywords
  • Finding a domain name is easy
  • Every keyword you enter, it’s easy to generate up to 800+ keyword results
  • You can check your websites ranking automatically onYahoo, Bing, and Google

What are the downsides of using Long Tail Pro?

For as low as $37 a month, you can get access to Long Tail Pro keyword research tool. But this is far from the downside the tool is wont to provide. What Long Tail Pro won’t do is help find your competitor’s keywords or help you analyze their backlinks. It won’t even estimate your competitor’s traffic volume and search volume.

The biggest advantage perhaps that Long Tail Pro has over SEMrush tool is, it exclusively provides you long-tail keywords. Long keywords are more profitable than short-tail keywords. Search engines consider them as effective as they achieve their objectives faster.

The downside of SEMrush? It doesn’t provide a massive list of long-tail keyword suggestions. It only provides a few of them or comes up with a mixture of long and short. Long Tail Pro is designed to provide long-tail keywords and keyword suggestions, much as its name suggests.

Other disadvantages linked to Long Tail Pro include:

  • You can only search for 10,000 keywords after 30 days
  • SERP Tracking keywords are limited to only two URL’s
  • You only track 30 keywords overall each month

How do you harness the power of SEMrush and Long Tail Pro tools to your advantage?

If you want the Long Tail Pro tool to work toward providing quality search volume you must find keywords that are longer than 3 or 4 words. At least aim for longer keywords with at least 4 to 5 words.

For instance, “best car insurance quotes Texas”. This is a long tail keyword with at least five words. Most people will use this keyword making it less competitive but it is good enough to bring in traffic. Make use of profitable but long keywords on your content to increase search traffic.

You can also use the power of SEMrush to identify keywords your competitors are using to grow traffic. It is a relatively simple process, and a proven way to enhance traffic. Analyze top performing keywords on their website, alter them a little bit to fit your current needs, then use them on your content.

When your competitors are coming up with top keywords to create new content regularly, you can also do the same with the help of SEMrush. It helps to identify these keywords with little or zero effort.

The Long Tail Pro tool can also help you come up with better keywords. How? Employ the use of “related searches” feature when carrying out keyword research. Most bloggers and online marketers do this often just to increase traffic from search engines. It’s easy to pull this off with Long Tail Pro tool.

Pricing comparison

If you plan on using Long Tail Pro for your SEO campaigns consider how much you will pay for using certain features each month. And what you stand to gain from them given the time you’ll be using them.

Long Tail Pro comes in three monthly pricing plans including the Monthly Agency, Monthly Pro, and Monthly Starter. Prices are different with the higher plan being Monthly Agency Plan that goes for $147 a month. And it guarantees you 6,000 keyword lookups every 24 hours.

In other words, you can research keywords at least 6,000 times in a day if you subscribe to this package. You can also track 1,000 keywords and manage your account with 5 simultaneous logins when using Long Tail Pro.

Prices on their annual plans cost a lot more than the monthly packages. With the annual Agency Plan costing $98 a month. It is much the same thing what the Monthly Agency pricing plan offers, the only difference is, annual subscription.

SEMrush tool pricing plans – compared to Long Tail Pro – are fairly similar in that they are billed both annually and monthly, as well. However, they come in four different monthly plans with the Business Plan costing an arm and a leg. Think $399 a month.

The Enterprise Plan, whose prices are closer to those of the Guru plan, boasts a handful of features including extended limit and sharing options, API access, white label reports, and many others.

This package is exclusively designed for e-commerce projects and businesses with an extensive web presence. It is no doubt SEMrush has steep prices, and most bloggers and Internet marketers would prefer rival any day.

Long Tail Pro vs SEMrush: Which is the best keyword research tool in the market?

Both tools are ideal for competitor analysis and keyword research. However, SEMrush is superior and has an edge over Long Tail Pro. It boasts a wide range of features, too, including keyword tracking, monthly search reports, domain to domain comparisons, site audit, and other related features.

It is also important to note both SEO tools are competent and reliable in locating profitable keywords for daily use and creation of content. Though the tools are different in how they perform, they equally serve the same purpose – finding and locating the perfect keywords to use for all your online campaigns.

Long tail keywords are easier to retrieve when using Long Tail Pro. This keyword research tool is efficient in providing massive lists of profitable keywords, while SEMrush, on the other hand, is an all-rounder tool that not only helps you analyze your competitor’s website, it also aids in analyzing their top keywords. And even help bloggers understand their competitors ranking in search engine results.

If your goal hence is to work with an SEO tool that’s flexible and boasts useful SEO features, and which will help you find unique, lucrative keywords – even create site audits, find keyword positions, analyze backlinks, or estimate your competitors’ traffic – SEMrush is the tool you are looking for.

In short, it’s the one-stop shop for the SEO metric buffet.

But if your only concern is to harvest long-tail but profitable keywords, Long Tail Pro is the ideal tool that will exceed your expectations without breaking a sweat. It has no rival or equal alternative because it is exclusively designed to target research for long keywords.

Remember, before choosing a keyword research tool to decide what your needs exactly are and you are certain to find a tool that suits your every SEO and search traffic needs.

Bottom Line: If all you are doing is keyword research, Long Tail Pro will do just fine. However, anything beyond that in terms of SEO and SEMrush is the clear choice here. Plus, you can try SEMrush for an extended 14-days here, while LTP only offers 7 days to try.

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