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David Borgogni

David’s experience comes through hard work and many years in the digital world. An SEO specialist, David founded First Click Content, a digital marketing agency that focuses on driving organic growth through smart SEO and best-in-class content. Helping business owners choose the right marketing tools comes easy to David and he’s here to share his insights with us!

Shippo Review [2021]: Is it the Best Shipping Software?

The online retail industry is growing faster than ever, which is great news for e-commerce business owners. As your online store gets busier, you may have considered taking advantage of shipping software to help you streamline your process. So today, in this Shippo review, we are going to be looking at exactly how Shippo works, and how it can help you grow your business.

After putting in the hard work of marketing your business, your products are finally starting to fly off the *eCommerce* shelves. (Hooray!!) But when you realize you have to pack and ship each product to a different address, you might be starting to wonder what you’ve let yourself in for. Labels and packaging everywhere. Wait… didn’t you already ship that order?

Well, don’t worry, shipping management software like Shippo and its competitors can not only help you streamline your order management and shipping process, but also save you money on your shipping. Sound good?

Fast and reliable shipping is bec

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