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LegalZoom Competitors: 13 LegalZoom Alternatives

LegalZoom Competitors: 13 LegalZoom Alternatives
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Last Updated on July 19, 2022 by DMEditor

Registering a business is MUCH easier than it used to be, thanks in part to services like LegalZoom. That said, LegalZoom is starting to show its age.

As one of the early pioneers, LegalZoom long held the benefits of being the first mover in the space, simplifying the process of registering a business virtually.


BUT, in recent years a large variety of digital registered agent services and service providers have popped up. While I’m always careful about “new” services online, there are definitely a handful of services that are 1) easier to use, 2) more affordable, and 3) offering better features than LegalZoom.

This is honestly why I no longer use LegalZoom, despite using them for over 5 years in the 2010s.

Top LegalZoom Competitors and Alternatives for Easy Registration

  • LegalZoom Alternative #1: Incfile (Best Overall)
  • LegalZoom Alternative #2: Swyft Filings
  • LegalZoom Alternative #3: Filenow
  • Northwest Registered Agent
  • Inc Authority
  • ZenBusiness
  • BetterLegal
  • CorpNet
  • LawDepot
  • MyCompanyWorks
  • Rocket Lawyer
  • BizFilings

Continue reading for the full list and analysis of the top 13 LegalZoom competitors we’ve tested. I’ll also compare them to my personal favorite Incfile.

1. Incfile

Why I Start with Incfile

I've tried a LOT of registered agent services over the years... BUT I've found Incfile to the the Fastest, Cheapest, and most user-friendly.

Get a free year of Registered Agent service when you incorporate with

Start with Incfile
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Summary: Incfile is definitely the first place to consider. It’s the service that I currently use (and love). Where other services charge you a tax filing free yearly, you only have to pay it once with Incfile.

The core services are all around setting up and managing your business entity, specifically LLC formation service, S Corporations, C Corporations, and Non-Profits.

Incfile Advantages

  • Very easy to use with a modern dashboard and email alerts & reminders (much easier to navigate than LegalZoom)
  • Core focus on business formation (LegalZoom does much more, somewhat convoluted)
  • Affordable with formation fees starting at $0 + state fees.
  • No annual contract or hidden fees
  • Plenty of supplemental educational information, including a “Learning Center”
  • Research packages available for specific state license requirements
  • Easy to switch from another registered agent provider (they can often waive any fees or penalties associated)
  • Great for simple LLC service as the top LegalZoom competitor

Incfile Disadvantages

  • Primarily focused on business entity management (can be advantage or disadvantage depending on your needs)
  • They do push upsells to higher packages + affiliates with other institutions (e.g. banking referrals – all optional), so don’t just click “next” on everything
  • Primarily web-based (there is a sales support number, but it’s buried in the site).

Incfile Prices: Pricing for silver package is $0 . Additional higher packages for legal advice and tax IDs (Gold- $149), additional website and domain name (Platinum – $299).

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2. Swyft Filings

Summary: Offering standard registration services for C Corps, S Corps, LLCs, Non Profits, and DBAs, Swyft (like the name suggests) is all about getting your business set up quickly, with a laser focus on registered agent services.

Why Choose Swyft Filings?

LegalZoom is being disrupted. One of those competitors is Swyfy Filings and they do a brilliant job and streamlining the process at a fraction of the cost. No gimmicks or clunky interface to deal with. Literally takes 7 minutes.

View Swyft Filings Promos
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Swyft Filings Advantages

  • Emphasis on direct phone sales consults with an easy to find number (compared with Incfile, ZenBusiness)
  • Also offers DBA services (relatively unique, but more obscure business formation service)
  • Optimized for speed (as the name suggests)
  • Fewer spammy service upsells
  • Basic business incorporation starts at $49

Swyft Filings Disadvantages

  • Minimal add-on services
  • Relatively opaque pricing tiers (you have to get further down the funnel, beyond the $49 basic service to figure out the upsells)

Swyft Filings Prices: $49 basic incorporation service, variable pricing beyond (buffet menu of options).

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3. Filenow

Summary: Filenow is even more recent legal assistance company and they are attempting to one-up the market leaders like Incfile with faster service and more complimentary services included.

Why Choose Filenow?

The short answer? Filenow is affordable and offers a money-back guarantee. It's one of the quickest and easiest setups around, with a simple four-step process. If time is of the essence, Filenow is a great choice for you!

See Current Promotional Offer
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Filenow Advantages

  • Comparable or cheaper than most other online filing services (e.g. Incfile)
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • 24-hour order processing
  • Only takes about 15 minutes to complete the application
  • Free Express Shipping
  • Customer support available by phone, chat, email.
  • Offers a $0 Starter Plan here (just entity formation).

Filenow Disadvantages

  • Short time in business, will they stick around?
  • Only offers LLC and corporate formation

Filenow Prices: The Starter Package begins at $0 and then a Premium Package for $199. Want to learn more about Filenow? Read more in our Filenow review.

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4. Northwest Registered Agent

Summary: Northwest is another service similar to Incfile, focusing specifically on the role of Registered Agent and initial business filings. Northwest also offers some additional perks like mail forwarding and virtual office setup.

Northwest Agent Advantages

  • Offers Registered Agent as a stand-alone service if that’s all you need
  • Also offers mail forwarding and virtual office services
  • More available for phone support than LegalZoom or Incfile
  • Plenty of free legal forms
  • No high-pressure sales tactics, limited pushy upsells
  • Simple flat registered agent fee
  • Multi-state registration plans

Northwest Agent Disadvantages

  • No formal legal advice beyond agent and incorporation services
  • Base registered agent price is more expensive than base Incfile ($49 vs $125)

Northwest Prices: Northwest charges a standard Registered Agent fee of $125 + state fees for the core offering.

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5. Inc Authority

Summary: Inc Authority is a newer service (started end of 2019) offering a similar level of service to LegalZoom, but offering a better overall incorporation and formation experience and service.

Why Choose Inc Authority?

Inc Authority is a great solution for startups. It offers 100% FREE entity formation (not including state filing fees) and an easy 4-step process to register. The featured phone support also comes in handy if you have any questions.

View Plans and Promo Pricing
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Inc Authority Advantages

  • 100% FREE entity formation (not including state filing fees)
  • Prominently featured phone support
  • Advanced packages offer tax consultations
  • Advanced packages offer business funding and credit accelerators
  • Easy 4-Step process to register

Inc Authority Disadvantages

  • Only does LLC formations and Corporations
  • Lots of upsells (make sure you uncheck boxes during checkout to take advantage of the “Free” service)

Inc Authority Prices: Inc Authority offers 100% FREE barebones entity formation (not including state fees). YES, we actually checked by registering an entity.  They do offer premium packages if you need additional services like EIN registration, Operating Agreements, Tax Consultation, etc…

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6. ZenBusiness

Summary: ZenBusiness offers a much more automated and streamlined barebones registered agent service, with less hand-holding and sales tactics but perhaps the fastest process from start to finish.

Why Go with ZenBusiness?

ZenBusiness does NOT offer every imaginable legal service. That's a good thing! If you need an LLC or Corporation formed QUICKLY, it's hard to beat the easy registration wizard, rock bottom prices, and high ratings from happy customers.

See Latest Promotional Price
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

ZenBusiness Advantages

  • Simple and straightforward self service
  • Competive starting price point (ties Incfile)
  • Minimal upsells and sales tactics
  • Unique “worry-free guarantee” service $110 per year (will handle catchup compliance if you miss a deadline, report filing, amendments, etc…)
  • Knowledgeable live chat support

ZenBusiness Disadvantages

  • No live phone support (only live chat interface)
  • No extra services outside business setup and reporting compliance
  • Minimal value to higher-tier plans (basically just expedited or rushed filing + worry-free guarantees, EINs, and domain names)

ZenBusiness Prices: Starts at $39 + state fees per year (basic), then $149 (includes EIN number), and finally up to $249 for the premium suite.

Further Reading:

7. BetterLegal

Summary: BetterLegal is a modern incorporation service, squarely taking aim at LegalZoom’s old-fashioned business model. They also stand out for offering a wide selection of state-specific legal services and document preparation that can be hard to service with other providers. 

BetterLegal Advantages

  • Fast filing, no weeks-long delays or snail mail confirmations
  • 1000s of state-specific legal services for things like changing directors, adding shareholders, etc.
  • Easy termination service offerings (really useful if you are moving to or setting up in a new state and want to shut down the old entity properly)
  • No pushy upsells, pay for only what you want/need
  • In-depth resource wiki for common (and some less common) legal questions

BetterLegal Disadvantages

  • Base incorporation of $299 is relatively pricey, although they include more add-ons
  • The dashboard is better than LegalZoom, but not quite up to par with Incfile, Swyft, Zenbusiness, etc…

BetterLegal Prices: BetterLegal offers 2 core packages, LLC Formation for $299 + state fees OR Corporation Formation for $299 + state fees. Beyond that, they offer a WIDE variety of one-off services like adding shareholds, changing agents, reinstating corporations, etc.. (see the full list here). 

8. CorpNet

Summary: CorpNet is another full-suite business registration service, covering LLCs, Corporations, Non-Profits, and DBAs. It feels a bit more geared towards corporate setups, including trademark registration services and even corporate office supplies.

CorpNet Advantages

  • Federal Trademark Registration service
  • Special section dedicated to Law Offices and Accounting Firms (to offer as a value-added offering)

CorpNet Disadvantages

  • Basic package only includes 60 days of registered agent services included
  • Not the cheapest for basic LLC setup and filings

CorpNet Prices: Starts at $79 for a Basic entity registration, $199 Deluxe with EIN + 1 Year Registered Agent, $249  Complete for additional Operating Agreement and extras.

9. LawDepot

Summary: LawDepot has the feel of a buffet for legal documents, legal forms, and template legal solutions. Pick and pay for what you need versus pricey bundles, without needing to pay a lawyer.

LawDepot Advantages

  • Can purchase (or download for free) a wide array of specific legal agreements and documents on their own (good for DIY filings, setup)
  • Offers confidentiality agreements, bill of sale, purchase agreements and many other helpful one-off docs
  • Extremely easy to use document wizard to guide you through legal document personalization
  • Relatively affordable legal services if you can DIY (better than engaging law firms or an hourly attorney)
  • Offers a live phone number for online legal service consults

LawDepot Disadvantages

  • No formal Registered Agent service offered
  • Still requires manual filing
  • No bundle discounts

LawDepot Prices: Varies per document, but no recurring cost. For example, you can check the cost on this LLC Operating Document here.


Summary: Lawyers are expensive. LegalZoom can also get pricey. This is where a solution like comes in. If you just need a standard pro forma legal document that you can modify as needed, a marketplace like LegalTemplates is ideal. You may even still opt to have an attorney review, just at a fraction of the cost compared to if they drafted from scratch. Advantages

  • Flexible monthly, annual, or pay for what you need pricing
  • Free 7 day trial to get started (unlimited access)
  • Excellent option if you know exactly what you need and what to DIY legal needs (great for a small business owner)
  • 100os of templates to choose from Disadvantages

  • No legal advice or custom consults
  • Can’t act as business agent
  • Doesn’t tell you what you need, just access to templates Pricing: A variety of FREE to use templates here, then prices range from $7.99/month (paid annually), or $39.95 per month, then anywhere from $19.99 to $59.95 for one-time document purchase and use. 

11. MyCompanyWorks

Summary: MyCompanyWorks narrows down on LLCs and Corporate registrations specifically and the site feels very much geared towards starting and managing a company (versus ancillary services and legal advice).

MyCompanyWorks Advantages

  • A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • In business since 2001 (long track record, trusted)
  • Also offers DBA business formation services
  • Also offers Virtual Office services
  • Ability file Foreign Qualifications and Amendments (and associated document preparation service)
  • Ability to speak to an agent live via a 1-800 number

MyCompanyWorks Disadvantages

  • Limited additional services
  • No non-profit registration services
  • No formal legal advice service

MyCompanyWorks Prices: Starts at $79 + state fees for basic registration.

12. Rocket Lawyer

Summary: Rocket Lawyer not only handles your basic business setup and compliance items but offers a robust legal retainer service “in case you need it” covering a wide variety of business law questions and legal form documents. Great for businesses in need of semi-regular and variable legal consults with a live lawyer (or just as an insurance policy), most similar to a traditional law firm without the hefty fees.

Rocket Lawyer Advantages

  • Offers a monthly retainer fee of $39.99 for legal consults, document reviews, and general legal help from a licensed attorney
  • Closest substitute for hiring an attorney or engaging a law firm for hourly legal services
  • Also offers one-time fees for consults and document reviews that are reasonably priced per hour
  • Registered Agent services are discounted (25% off $149) if you are also on the legal retainer plan
  • Also offers personal legal services and lawyer specialists for areas like estate planning, marriage, and divorce (similar to LegalZoom)
  • Available via email, chat, and phone for advice (promises response within 1 business day)

Rocket Lawyer Disadvantages

  • Stand-alone basic Registered Agent setup fee is more expensive (particularly without the discount) when compared to Incfile and ZenBusiness
  • The recurring monthly retainer fee is only “worth it” if you use it enough

Rocket Lawyer Prices: $39 per month for legal advice retainer from Rocket Lawyer, otherwise $149 for Registered Agent services and variable one-off legal services ranging from $30-50 per hour or document reviewed).

13. BizFilings

Summary: BizFilings offers the widest array of registration services and business formation services, including non-profits, DBAs, and LLPs, PC/PLLCs,  in addition to standard LLC formation and Corporations.

BizFilings Advantages

  • In-depth state by state supplementary guides (for free)
  • Includes educational topics on HR and business financing
  • Offers state-based business license research
  • Offers “BizComply” as a stand-alone compliance service for $75 per year to stay on top of state requirements
  • Live 1-800 support available

BizFilings Disadvantages

  • One of the more expensive services, starting at $99 and up to $359 + state fees
  • The interface is a bit more dated (reminds me of LegalZoom)

BizFilings Prices: The Basic package starts at $99 +state fees, with the Standard tier at $229, and the Complete package at $359.

Further Reading:

Best Registered Agent for Canada: Ownr

If you are specifically a Canadian business looking to incorporate in Canada, Ownr is THE solution. Right now, it’s one of the few services that provided a similar level of expertise and automation as the U.S. providers.

Keep in mind that as of 2020 Ownr only is available in Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario as a Canadian registered agent service.

Ownr Pricing: Federal Incorporation starts at $619 (including fees), then Provincial Incorporation at $619, and Sole Propietorship is $89.



Question: Are Legalzoom documents valid at court?

Answer: Not all Legalzoom documents are valid at court, so you need to contact a real law practitioner in order to find out which forms you need and how to proceed with a legal matter.

Question: Are Legalzoom allowed to make legal counseling and practice law?

Answer: No, Legalzoom is not allowed to make legal counseling in any way, and the data they provide is not always accurate, or up to date, so it’s best to save bucks and go with a real attorney at all matter.

Question: Is Legalzoom good for divorce papers and will?

Answer: Yes, Legalzoom is good if you want to create divorce paper, lease papers, rental agreements of any kind, or even will, but you will still need a law practitioner to tell you how to fill them correctly, and how to proceed with a certain matter.

Question: Is Legalzoom worth trying?

Answer: Yes, Legalzoom is worth trying if you have a business that requires you to constantly fill forms of employment, of rent, of certain payment, etc, as they also have high rates for certain services. But, if you are planning to use it once a year or a couple of times, it’s best to go with a real lawyer.

Final Note: Best Alternatives to LegalZoom

Why I Start with Incfile

I've tried a LOT of registered agent services over the years... BUT I've found Incfile to the the Fastest, Cheapest, and most user-friendly.

Get a free year of Registered Agent service when you incorporate with

Start with Incfile
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

As you can see, there are a LOT of alternatives out there for business formation, with different flavors depending on what you are looking for as a business owner.

Overall, here’s my bottom line on the best services.

  • Best LegalZoom Alternative for Business Formation: Hands-down, this is Incfile for me. Easy to setup and manage, with affordable fees.
  • Best LegalZoom Alternative for Business Dissolution or Changes: If you need a specific change to your structure, or need to quickly shut down an entity, go with BetterLegal here.
  • Best LegalZoom Alternative for Legal Documents: If you are not necessarily looking for a business setup service, but need specific template documents, go with LawDepot here. OR here. Compare their inventory for price and your specific template requirements.
  • Best LegalZoom Alternative for Legal Advice: If you just need a good legal team on retainer, go with the legal plan offered by RocketLawyer here.

Further Reading:

Over to you, please share any experiences you’ve had in the comments below!

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