Jungle Scout vs Unicorn Smasher

Jungle Scout vs Unicorn Smasher [Apr 2020]: Which is Better?

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Today we are going to be looking at Jungle Scout vs Unicorn Smasher web app solutions; two valuable research tools that can help you find exactly the right products to sell on Amazon to ensure you make a healthy profit.

Online retail is growing faster than ever before, so if you’ve ever thought about becoming an Amazon seller, now is a great time to get started.

Why Jungle Scout is the Best Choice
Jungle Scout is a great option for both beginners and advanced Amazon sellers. It's user-friendly and has great resources like the Jungle Scout Academy, where you can learn how to get the most out of the software and grow your business.
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Main Differences Between Jungle Scout vs Unicorn Smasher

The main differences between Jungle Scout and Unicorn Smasher are:

  • Unicorn Smasher is a free tool that anyone can use, whereas Jungle Scout is a paid subscription tool that starts from $19/month.
  • Jungle Scout has lots of learning tools including the Jungle Scout Academy, whereas Unicorn Smasher doesn’t provide any tutorials or learning resources.
  • Jungle Scout is known for being the market leader and providing highly accurate data, whereas Unicorn Smasher has lots of poor reviews saying the data provided is inaccurate.

Deciding what to actually sell is definitely the trickiest part of selling on Amazon. You don’t want to invest in thousands of dollars of stock that you can’t sell. You will want to be sure that the products you are choosing are in demand and are profitable, and using the tools we are going to talk about today can do all the hard work for you.

Amazon is currently the number one online retailer in the United States, with 280.5 billion sales in 2019 alone, so it’s a great place to start if you have never had a retail business before. You might have been thinking of starting your own ecommerce store, but here are a few reasons why selling on Amazon can give you a massive head start:

  • Almost everyone who has shopped online has heard of Amazon, so it has a huge ready-made audience who are looking to buy now.
  • It’s easy for customers to shop on Amazon. Most people have used Amazon before, so they will be familiar with the process and feel confident spending their money there.
  • You won’t need to spend as much money on marketing as you would with your own ecommerce store, since Amazon already has a huge amount of traffic.
  • If you don’t want to pack and ship your own orders you can take advantage of FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) where you send your products to the Amazon warehouse in advance and they take care of the rest for you (Amazon FBA sellers).
  • It’s easy to get started. Getting started on Amazon is much quicker and easier than building your own website, and spending time and money driving traffic to it.

In this comparison of Jungle Scout and Unicorn Smasher, we are going to be taking an in-depth look at all of the features offered by each of these tools, as well as their pros and cons, and of course, the pricing.

This should help you make an informed decision on which one of these is the best tool to help you grow your Amazon business.

Jungle Scout vs Unicorn Smasher: Jungle Scout Review 2020

Jungle Scout was founded in 2015 by Greg Mercer and has since become the most popular tool on the market for helping Amazon sellers research and find the best products to sell on the Amazon marketplace. The tool helps users make smart decisions on which products to invest in, to maximize profits and minimize the risks that come with selling online.

Jungle Scout helps over 100,000 businesses worldwide to launch and manage successful ecommerce businesses, and they pride themselves on having the most accurate data available. As well as providing this software, Jungle Scout also provides free resources and educational content to help entrepreneurs grow their online businesses.

The Main Features of Jungle Scout

  • Chrome Extension
  • Product Database
  • Product Tracker
  • Supplier Database
  • Keyword Scout
  • Academy
  • Opportunity Score
  • Sales Analytics
  • Inventory Manager
  • Launch Features
  • Alerts

How Jungle Scout Works

Jungle Scout has two main products: The main Jungle Scout software, and the Jungle Scout Chrome extension. You can purchase the extension on its own, however, to get all the benefits it’s best to use Jungle Scout and the Chrome extension together.

The Jungle Scout software helps you find the perfect products to sell on Amazon by centralizing your product research (in one product research tool dashboard) and providing you with powerful tracking and exploration features that give you all the data you need to grow your business.

Jungle Scout can help you to find new products to sell, as well as help you select a profitable niche to focus on if you haven’t found one yet. The product database contains over 70 million products from Amazon’s product catalogue which you can explore through to find the right products to sell.

70 million products might sound like a lot, but there are advanced pre-set filters to help you discover the products with the highest potential. You can filter for different categories, as well as estimated sales, revenue, sales rank, and more to help you find the best products.

The data filters allow you to search for exactly what you are looking for, for example, you can quickly find products that are in high demand but with low ratings and reviews, so that you can jump in and beat the competition with your own products!

Once you have found the right filters that give you profitable products, you can save the custom filter presets to use for next time.

If you are an Amazon FBA business, there is a useful in-app FBA profit calculator, which shows you exactly how much profit you would make from a product once you have factored in the Amazon fees.

When you have come up with a list of profitable product ideas you can easily export your lists to CSV files to use later.

Once you have your list of product ideas, you can validate them by adding them to the Product Tracker with just a couple of clicks. The Product Tracker monitors your potential product ideas over time, giving you valuable insights into the performance of each product with data such as the daily sales, price, and best seller rank for each product.

You can track the product’s sales in real-time to see if there are any monthly or seasonal trends that you need to know about, and that could help you with your future launches.

The Opportunity Finder helps you to easily discover emerging trends and find profitable product niches. It provides you with a niche score that grades products from 1-10 (one being the lowest opportunity and 10 being the highest) based on the demand and competition of each product, as well as the quality of the existing products in each niche.

Once you have decided on which niche you want to work with and which products you want to sell, the next step is finding a reliable and high-quality supplier to work with. Jungle Scout’s supplier database gives you instant access to hundreds of Amazon verified suppliers so that you can find the right suppliers to make your products.

You can see exactly how many customers each supplier has worked with before, as well as how many shipments have been sent out. If you want to start by ordering in smaller quantities to test the waters, you can also find suppliers who are happy to work with smaller order quantities.

You can easily manage and compare the quotes you receive from each supplier, as well as organize your samples and purchase orders to keep track of your finances, all from one place.

When you are ready to list and sell your products, you can take advantage of the Keyword Scout tool to make sure you are including all the right keywords that your ideal customers are looking for. You can view the historical search volume for your keywords to analyze their performance over the last two years, as well as their seasonality.

The Keyword Scout tool can also help you to understand how your listings are standing up against their competitors to help you improve your own listings and increase your sales and revenue.

Jungle Scout’s Analytics software will give you an overview of your business, letting you view your sales and profit margins, as well as your costs so that you can easily see areas in which to improve, as well as spot any areas in your costs where you could cut back, maximizing your overall profitability. The inventory manager will let you know when you are running low on stock, so that you can reorder at exactly the right time, and plan ahead if you need to.

If you’re just getting started on Amazon, then you will find Jungle Scout’s Academy very useful. They have an FBA course that shows you exactly how to become a successful seller on Amazon.

When you are ready to launch, Jungle Scout can help with that too. The Launch features help you to drive product sales through targeted email marketing and other promotions, such as increasing revenue by using promo codes, encouraging customer reviews, and creating dedicated email campaigns for any customers who have had problems with their order to encourage a positive review once their problem has been resolved.

The Benefits of Using Jungle Scout

  • Jungle Scout is very user-friendly, so it’s a great option for both beginners and advanced Amazon sellers alike.
  • The tool offers high levels of accuracy, so you can be sure that all the data you are using is as accurate as possible.
  • There are lots of learning tools including the Jungle Scout Academy, where you can learn how to get the most out of the software and grow your business.
  • Jungle Scout helps you find and analyze your competitor’s products and keywords, so that you can improve your own strategy.
  • Using this tool can greatly reduce your risk of investing in a product that won’t be profitable, or won’t sell at all.
  • There is a 14-day money-back guarantee available if you are not happy with the service that Jungle Scout provides.

The Downsides to Using Jungle Scout

The main downside to using Jungle Scout is that there are no guarantees to your success, even if you use the tool- as you will also need to have a smart business mind too! The cost of the tool can also be quite expensive, especially if you are just starting out, so you would need to take this into consideration.

Jungle Scout Pricing

There are three pricing options for Jungle Scout. You can purchase either Jungle Scout on its own, the Extension on it’s own, or purchase the two as a bundle together, which is the most popular option.

The main difference between the Extension and the main software is that there are limits on the number of searches you can make and products that you can track using the extension.

The Extension costs $19/month when billed annually. It gives you the opportunity score of products, as well as 10 product database searches, 3 tracked products, 10 supplier database searches, and 10 keyword scout searches.

Jungle Scout alone without the extension costs $39/month when billed annually. It includes all of the features we have talked about in this review, with no monthly search limits.

Jungle Scout and the Extension as a package costs $49/month when billed annually.

Jungle Scout doesn’t offer a free trial, but there is a 14-day money back guarantee, so if you aren’t happy with it, you can get a refund. If you would like to give it a try, you can visit Jungle Scout’s website here.

Jungle Scout vs Unicorn Smasher: Unicorn Smasher Review 2020

Unicorn Smasher is a free tool developed by the team at AMZ tracker that helps you research and find the most profitable products to sell on Amazon (Unicorn Smasher free version). It helps to take the guesswork out of running an online retail business by giving you valuable insights into market trends, sales and revenue estimates, and much more.

The Key Features of Unicorn Smasher Amazon Product Research Tool

  • Organized Dashboard
  • Sales Estimates
  • Canonical URLs
  • Variation Statistics
  • Favourite Items
  • Discreet Sharing Tools
  • Export Tool
  • In Browser Analysis
  • Revenue Estimates
  • Quick Links
  • AMZ Tracker Integration
  • Fulfillment Details
  • Multiple Seller Counter
  • Chrome Extension
  • Help Center and Customer Support

How Unicorn Smasher Works

There are two versions of Unicorn Smasher available, a free version, and a paid version (Unicorn Smasher Pro). Unicorn Smasher is a browser extension for Chrome (Chrome extension) which works as you browse Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk, and allows you to view data on various search results within Amazon at the click of a button. It’s very easy to download, and you can download it from the Google Chrome store and get started straight away.

Once it is installed, you can simply go to amazon.com and type in a keyword, you can then click the Unicorn Smasher icon on the top right, which will give you a popup containing a data overview of the keyword you have searched for. It provides the name of the products, as well as the number of sellers and variations of the product, the price, rank, estimated sales, estimated revenue, reviews and ratings.

You can also filter through this data by price, variations, number of sellers, ranking, revenue and sales, as well as FBA details, and any of this data can be instantly exported to a .CSV file or saved for later if required. Unicorn Smasher provides an opportunity score (low, medium or high) to help you decide whether the product will be a profitable opportunity for you or not.

The dashboard is well designed and easy to use, so you will be able to navigate it easily and find everything you need. You can view sales estimates for the products you are searching, to help you get a good insight into how profitable the product will be, and you can also view historical sales data which will enable you to analyze any seasonal trends.

If you want to share your data and ask for advice from your peers, you can take advantage of the discrete sharing tool, which will allow you to share your data with others, but without giving away the product you are looking at, so no one can steal your idea.

Unicorn Smasher can also provide you with revenue estimates, so that you can see how much money is being made in each niche at any time, allowing you to seek out more opportunities.

Unicorn Smasher also integrates with AMZ Tracker, so if you are already an AMZ Tracker user you can use the tools together to help you increase your conversion rates.

The Benefits of Using Unicorn Smasher

  • Unicorn Smasher is free for anyone to use, and although there is a pro version available, it’s just a one-off fee for a lifetime license.
  • Unicorn Smasher provides you with a list of details for each product, including the rank, estimated sales and revenue, FBA details, and more.
  • The dashboard is clean and easy to use, so you won’t have trouble navigating around, and you will easily be able to find the data you are looking for.
  • It Integrates with AMZ Tracker, which gives subscribers another way to look for opportunities to increase their revenue.
  • You can easily export your data to .csv and save it for later.
  • You can save your search results in the dashboard to return to later.

The Downsides to Using Unicorn Smasher

There are a lot of reports on online forums and review sites that the data provided by Unicorn Smasher is inaccurate, particularly for sales estimates. The software displays some data which is useful, but unfortunately doesn’t really provide any guidance, which would go a long way to making this tool more popular. Unicorn Smasher also doesn’t offer great customer service, and although some might say this isn’t important because it’s a free tool, we should point out that there are plenty of other free tools out there such as Hubspot who offer outstanding customer service.

Unicorn Smasher Pricing

Unicorn Smasher is free for anyone to use with Google Chrome. There is also a paid version available called Unicorn Smasher Pro, which costs $49 for a lifetime license.

The main differences between the free and pro versions are that the pro version includes an opportunity score for every search result, and it works more accurately to evaluate an item’s sales, demand and competition.

If you would like to try Unicorn Smasher for free, head over to their website here.

Jungle Scout vs Unicorn Smasher Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does Jungle Scout cost?

A Jungle Scout subscription, and access to Launch, start at $49.

Does Jungle Scout offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, there is a 14-day money-back guarantee available if you are not happy with the service that Jungle Scout provides.

How often is the data updated on Unicorn Smasher?

The system checks for new data every time a query is run.
At any time you can go to your Dashboard and click ‘Refresh’ to re-analyze the data.  The date and time displayed to show the last time the data was updated. 

Does Unicorn Smasher work with other browsers besides Chrome?

Unfortunately at this time, Unicorn Smasher is only available on Chrome. They don’t yet support any other browsers such as Safari, Internet Explorer, or Firefox.

Jungle Scout vs Unicorn Smasher – Which one is better?

Why Jungle Scout is the Best Choice
Jungle Scout is a great option for both beginners and advanced Amazon sellers. It's user-friendly and has great resources like the Jungle Scout Academy, where you can learn how to get the most out of the software and grow your business.
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

After looking at Jungle Scout vs Unicorn Smasher, there is a very clear winner here…

And the winner is… Jungle Scout!

Why? It’s a no brainer really. If you are going to be investing large amounts of money in stock to sell on Amazon, you need to be sure that you are buying the right products, at the right price so that you can make a healthy profit.

It’s just not worth taking the risk of using a tool that may or may not be providing accurate data, and that can’t provide the exact information you need just because the tool is free.

Although Jungle Scout isn’t cheap, you can be sure that the data you are getting is as accurate as possible to minimize your risk of any losses while selling on Amazon. Jungle Scout also provides a huge amount of educational resources to help you learn the art of selling online, and ensure that you get the best out of the tools you are using.

They also provide excellent customer service, so if you ever have a problem you can either speak to one of the support team or chat to someone in the community who can help you with your query.

Jungle Scout put more effort in because they want you to be successful. Your success will be their success, and there’s a reason why they are the market leaders in Amazon product research tools.

In conclusion, the Jungle Scout web app is a tool that is absolutely worth paying for, as it will greatly increase your chances of success when selling on Amazon, as well as minimizing any losses. To try it out you can visit Jungle Scout’s website here.

If you would like to try Unicorn Smasher for free, head over to their website here.

If you’re still undecided, check out our article on the best Jungle Scout Alternative options to see if there is another product research tool that would work better for you!

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