Unicorn Smasher Review

Unicorn Smasher Review: Will It Help You Increase the Product Demand?

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By Justin Caldwell

Last Updated on April 22, 2023 by Ewen Finser

Has your online niche started to dry up? Do you wish it was full of high-demand products that create fantastic selling opportunities? If you’ve been a seller on Amazon for a while, then you know what it’s like to face your fair share of problems. It’s tough to make the climb to success when things aren’t going the way you want them to.

How do others manage to get over the hump? What methods do they use to push them over the edge and onward? Some suggest that it’s knowing exactly what tools to use when marketing your wares. There are plenty of options out there, but one of the most popular choices is Unicorn Smasher.

What is Unicorn Smasher?

Unicorn Smasher Review

For starters, it’s a tool with a fun and unique name. Unicorn Smasher is an application that analyzes the Amazon marketplace and tracks product and demand ratings on the platform. With the Unicorn Smasher extension, users can search Amazon pages for specific information, providing the seller with the product data they need. 

For example, Unicorn Smasher can provide the number of sellers for a specific product, the product’s main category, product variations (size or color), how many units of the product are sold each month, reviews, and ratings who is selling the product.

One of the most important fields you’ll have is the market volume in dollars. This is the turnover every month based on the number of sales. By using these parameters, an Amazon seller can make the necessary analysis and decisions to drive volume and sales.


When it comes to features, Unicorn Smasher is no slouch. The sheer number of tools available through the Chrome extension is enough to make your head spin. There are features like quality research and product analysis that provide the insight and data you need to make informed, educated decisions. 

Unicorn Smasher has the tools you need to get the most out of your best-selling items. Here’s a rundown of some of the best features you can expect when using Unicorn Smasher.

Streamlined Dashboard

This feature sits at the top of the list simply because there are other options on the market that don’t give their dashboard the attention it deserves. This convenient dashboard is ideal for both experienced and novice users because it keeps everything in one place. 

With the Unicorn Smasher dashboard, you can select all the product parameters that you prefer. This includes items such as price, ranking, brand information, number of sellers, revenue, product ratings, estimated sales, and many others. Plus, you can save all your favorite items, choose the variables that matter most to you, then export it all to a .csv file.

Variations Statistics

It can be challenging to determine when the information about a particular product changes or fluctuates. This is where Variation Statistics comes into play. With this feature, Unicorn Smash makes it easier to get all the detailed metrics you want when information changes for a specific product. As a result, you can quickly and easily verify the information you see to make relevant decisions on your product listings.

Estimate Sales

Unicorn Smash not only analyzes products to give you the latest information about ratings, prices, and demand but also provides a solid guess about how much you can charge for each product in your lineup. This way, you’ll have an idea of exactly how much your entire product line is worth before you start listing them.

Fortunately, you can put all your concerns aside all allow the tool to do all the heavy lifting for you. Unicorn Smasher’s sales estimate feature lets you check all your historical sales data, giving you accurate information from the lifetime of thousands of products. 

That means you can quickly and easily make forecasts, so you know exactly how much to expect from sales each month. Unfortunately, one of the ways Unicorn Smasher makes money is by-product listings, so sponsored items are returned first in your search, while organic items are a little further down the list.

Estimate Revenue

Similar to the options available through the sales estimate feature, revenue estimate filters various revenue parameters, using an algorithm to give you a precise estimate of how much revenue can be created in a specific niche. With this feature, you can determine which areas are worth investing more into and which you might be better off avoiding.

Exporting Tool

The exporting tool provided by Unicorn Smasher is an excellent feature for entrepreneurs who regularly use Amazon to process large amounts of products. It can be tough to keep track of all your items, so having the ability to export to a .csv file is a great way to quickly and easily know exactly what you have and where it’s going. 

The Unicorn Smasher Chrome extension lets you store your data in plain text while creating tabs in the spreadsheet, so you know exactly where to find the information you need at any time.

Optimized Product URLs

There are often instances of two URLs directing to the exact same product. This makes sellers wonder which URL should rank in search results for their products. Thanks to Unicorn Smasher, you don’t have to worry about this type of problem. The software helps you determine how to optimize the URLs for your products. 

If you need to perform research without unnecessary clicks and pointless screens quickly, Unicorn Smasher’s Product Quick Link tool is a must-have. These quick links provide a way to access product listings straight from your dashboard. This feature lets you accelerate your product search, which gives you time to focus on more critical tasks. 

Analysis in Your Browser

Another beautiful feature Unicorn Smasher offers is the ability to get information right from your browser. Whether you need PPC metrics or your sales data, this tool gives users a way to validate all the information right from the convenience of your browser. Like the Quick Links tool, this is a great way to speed up product research while managing the process of evaluating a product’s worth.

Integration with AMZTracker

With AMZTracker integration, Unicorn Smasher makes it easy to identify gaps in the market. In an effort to maximize these effects, the AMZTracker and On-Page Analyzer work together. With this tracking tool, you can watch all your items and track them effortlessly.

Chrome Extension

Unicorn Smasher Review: results

Unicorn Smasher is available through Chrome extension, which means you can install it in your browser and perform all the tasks you need to manage your Amazon products. Plus, the extension will automatically update anytime a new version comes out.


If Unicorn Smasher doesn’t sound like it’s the right software for you and your business, there are plenty of other options on the market. Here are a few alternatives you could consider.

Seller App

One of the best online development platforms available that facilitate services that boost Amazon businesses is Seller App. This tool creates unique product ideas, aiding in manufacturing exclusive and original products. Users can develop listings based on quality or a variety of other variables. 

With Seller App, users have access to expert consultation that applies to various methods and processes in an effort to boost sales. Plus, the platform gives users a way to collaborate with other team members through one account by managing all features through the dashboard. As a result, you’ll see more productivity and more growth for your business.

Users have access to track the entire order process and shipping and delivery, right from the convenience of the dashboard. The platform provides notifications, alerts, and reports based on various data and analytics set up by the user. Additionally, the tool makes product recommendations based on smart intelligence algorithms.


Another excellent online management platform is AMZScout. This tool gives users a way to boost their business on Amazon using a wide range of strategies and tools. These include features like sales estimators, product database trackers, URL tools, fee calculators, and more. 

AMZScout gives users an accurate picture of their analytics based on the top products on Amazon. With the features available through AMZScout, users can smoothly sell their products on Amazon. Additionally, the platform offers high-quality support representatives to guide users through challenges should they arise.

You’ll also receive listing recommendations through AMZScout. The app will suggest ways to list your products in an attractive and unique manner. Users will also have access to a guide that instructs them on how to avoid mistakes while doing business on Amazon. Plus, it provides methods for finding the most reliable products to sell on the site.



ZonGuru is the third Unicorn Smasher alternative on our list. This online management and learning application gives users a way to find the best products to sell on Amazon. With ZonGuru’s Sales Spy feature, users can get all the sales data they need on any product on Amazon. This tool provides a way to estimate profit and loss for your business.

Another great tool available through ZonGuru is the Love-Hate tool. With this tool, users can determine faults and products with their product before it becomes a problem for the end-user. Plus, it offers additional features like its keyword tracker, product pulse, IP monitor, Review Automater, and much more.

With ZonGuru, users can detect the most often used keywords on Amazon to help increase product sales. Using this feature, accurate and precise listings are created using the perfect data. The tool can also be sued to track or manage your product through the various stages of the supply train. It can all be viewed right from the convenience of the user dashboard.

Through the dashboard, users can manage all their products. Plus, it will send out notifications for new orders or anytime there is a problem with an order. This keeps users fully engaged with their customers. ZonGuru also provides alerts for product reviews so users can see their feedback in real-time.


Last on our shortlist of alternatives for Unicorn Smasher is AMZBsae. This online management platform provides a way for users to find the ideal product to sell on Amazon. The software works with Google to create a connection that instantly finds the most popular products online.

Through AMZBase, users select keywords and search for them to find the ideal items. Plus, AMZBase connects with online retailers like eBay or AliExpress to identify and validate listing information. AMZBase also provides historical price information through CamelCamelCamle with just the click of a button.

AMZBase instantly determines the FBA profits of any item anytime a customer clicks on the product. This tool is available through the Google Chrome browser, which users can add at any time.


Question: Is Unicorn Smasher compatible with all browsers?

Answer: The unfortunate reality is that Unicorn Smasher is only compatible with Chrome or browser built on the Chrome platform. If you prefer another browser, you’ll have to select an alternative solution.

Question: Do I have to connect Unicorn Smasher to my Amazon account?

Answer: If you’re not comfortable connecting Unicorn Smasher to your Amazon account, you don’t have to. To use the software, just open the extension in your Chrome browser, then make a search query. 

Question: Is Unicorn Smasher really free?

Answer: Unicorn Smasher was developed by the same team that created AMZTracker. This is a free product designed as an Amazon research tool. Unicorn Smasher will help you find the most profitable items on Amazon to sell so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Is Unicorn Smasher a Game Changer?

While Unicorn Smasher does provide plenty of tools and features for those who use it, it’s not all candy and rainbows. This free software offering provides users with a way to search for products on Amazon. However, it’s not as accurate or expansive as some of its counterparts. 

Still, it’s hard to beat free, so unless you are doing a significant amount of business on Amazon, Unicorn Smasher is a viable solution for product search and analysis. It won’t change your life, but it will get the job done.

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