Hurdlr vs Quickbooks

Hurdlr vs Quickbooks

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By Justin Caldwell

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The simplest way to explain how these two services compare is that Quickbooks charges a monthly fee while Hurdlr does not. This makes the decision pretty simple, I would say! However, there’s more to it than that, because you often get what you pay for.

Bottom Line Up Front

Quickbooks makes it easy for you to file taxes at the end of the year by allowing you to easily access your company data and share it with other users. Quickbooks also offers a wide range of integrations with other apps. Hurdlr is free accounting software that allows for more dashboard customization while tracking income and expenses.

Try Quickbooks if you need to file taxes at the end of the year. Quickbooks offers easy access to your company data and allows you to share it with other users. However, if you’re looking for more customizable software, then you should try Hurdlr. It’s a good choice if you need to track your expenses and organize your business-related data.

Main Differences Between Hurdlr vs Quickbooks

The main differences between Hurdlr vs Quickbooks are:

  • Hurdlr doesn’t require a monthly fee for their software, whereas Quickbooks charges anywhere from $10-60 per month.
  • Quickbooks offers a wider variety of accounting, inventory, and payroll features, whereas Hurdlr has a more comprehensive deductions feature.
  • Quickbooks is easier to use, whereas Hurdlr feels more like a startup.
  • Quickbooks has a wider variety of customer support options, whereas Hurdlr offers phone options.

Hurdlr Overview

Hurdlr vs Quickbooks: hurdlr features

In short, I would say that Hurdlr is better for people who don’t want to pay a monthly fee. It’s also better for people who want a more comprehensive deductions feature. It’s a great option for people looking to manage their books on their own and get more of a sense of ownership/control over their money. It feels more like a startup than Quickbooks, and it’s an exciting platform.

Hurdlr is also for people who want to check on their books more frequently, for people who want to get their deductions down to the penny, and for people looking for something that feels more like their own.

Hurdlr Design

Hurdlr has a very clean and simple design. It’s easy to navigate, and the learning curve isn’t too steep – it can be learned in minutes. It’s straightforward to use, and it doesn’t feel like you’re stuck within the confines of the software. Instead, it feels open and accessible. In addition, the features seem to be well thought out.

The main design element of Hurdlr that stands out is the dashboard. It’s a great way to keep track of things and access your information quickly. This makes it easy to keep track of an ongoing business and see how things start adding up.

Hurdlr Features

The most popular features on Hurdlr are:

  • A dashboard allows quick and easy access to all the most critical aspects of your business.
  • A comprehensive deductions feature that allows for 100% customized deductions.
  • Real-time updates of your bank transactions, allowing you to keep track of all changes in real-time.

These features are all great, but I think the most helpful feature of Hurdlr is that it allows for 100% customized deductions. This means that you can track anything you need to, even if it isn’t automatically tracked. In addition, you can set up as many unique deductions as your business needs. This makes Hurdlr exceptional for people who want to track their business down to the penny.

Hurdlr Integrations

Hurdlr doesn’t offer any integrations at the moment, but they plan to in the future. They are currently working on some great integrations with other apps, including Quickbooks. This may give you the best of both worlds without having to choose between the two.

Hurdlr vs Quickbooks: mileage tracker

Hurdlr Pros:

  • No monthly fee
  • Great for people who want to track their deductions down to the penny and suitable for people who want a more comprehensive deductions feature
  • Very straightforward and easy to use

Hurdlr Cons:

  • Not as many features as Quickbooks
  • Some people may find the bare-bones feel inconvenient
  • No integrations

Quickbooks Overview

Hurdlr vs Quickbooks: quickbooks

Quickbooks is pretty similar to Hurdlr’s design, but it has more features. Unfortunately, it’s more expensive than Hurdlr, and it charges a monthly fee for the use of its software. Nevertheless, it’s a great option for people who want a more professional feel and have the budget for it.

Quickbooks has a few more features, like payroll, inventory options, multiple users, and more. However, it also tends to be more complicated to use. It’s not as simple or straightforward.

Quickbooks is straightforward to use once you learn how, but it feels much more like a traditional accounting software package than Hurdlr does. As a result, it’s more business-like, and it feels like you’re working with a much more professional program. This may be great if that’s what you’re looking for but may be undesirable to someone who just wants something simple and straightforward.

Quickbooks Design

Quickbooks has a very intuitive design. As a result, it’s easy to find your way around the program, and it doesn’t take too long to learn what everything does. In addition, it works the way you expect it to, which is great for people who are familiar with accounting programs.

The main thing that stands out in the design is how Quickbooks feels when helping you file your taxes. It’s all straightforward to understand but still very professional. It helps you file your taxes in a way that makes sense, which is great for people who are new to filing their own taxes.

Quickbooks Features

The main features in Quickbooks that stand out are multiple users and online access to data with real-time updates of your bank transactions. These two features work great together. They allow you to share the data with multiple employees or freelancers and know that all of them are on the same page. This makes it easier to review your finances with numerous people, which can be very helpful in any business.

Another nice feature that Quickbooks offers is its ability to help you file your taxes. This is great for people new to filing taxes and want an easier way to learn how. It has a very straightforward design that makes it easy to file your taxes and tells you exactly what you need to do to file with the IRS.

Quickbooks also has features like:

  • Inventory management
  • Accept credit card payments
  • Calculate estimated taxes and pay them through the software
  • Tracks business miles
  • Customizable invoices
  • Activity reports
  • Reports to track income, expenses, and more
  • Custom fields for things like job title and rate of pay
  • Easy bank reconciliation
  • Schedule your bank statement downloads
  • Custom invoices with branding logos and images
  • Advanced payables management
  • Profit & loss reports
  • Cash flow management
  • Multi-currency transactions
  • Customizable sales tax rates
  • Email and text alerts to keep you up to date on your accounting
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Expense tracking by multiple categories

Quickbooks Integrations

Quickbooks offers a lot of integrations with other apps, which is excellent for people who want even more features. These integrations allow you to pull in your data from other apps and add fields to your Quickbooks data for things like inventory, time tracking, job costs, product margins, customer lists, sales forecasts, and more.

Quickbooks offers integrations with apps like:

  • Customer relationship management with Salesforce
  • Time tracking with Harvest and Yesware
  • Invoicing and payments with Freshbooks, Recurly, and Chargebee
  • Inventory management with Stitchlabs, Zenefits, and Vend
  • Accounting with Kashoo and Expensify
  • Payroll with Gusto, ADP, and Paychex
  • Project management with Asana and Teamwork Projects
  • Customer support with Freshdesk
  • Construction management with Procore
  • Web design and app development with Squarespace, Basecamp, and WC Vendors

quickbooks accounting

Quickbooks Pros:

  • Real-time updates for bank transactions
  • Multiple users and online access with real-time updates of company data with multiple collaborators
  • Help to file taxes, with a very straightforward design
  • Integrations with other apps

Quickbooks Cons:

  • No invoicing for one time projects or services
  • Can’t customize company logo
  • Bank reconciliation is a little clunky
  • No billable time feature for freelancers
  • No file attachments for invoices


There are plenty of options on the market regarding accounting software. Before choosing Hurdlr or Quickbooks, you may want to look at some of these alternatives.



One option for small business accounting software is FreshBooks. Many people like it because you can use it with just one other collaborator. It also has a lot of integrations, so you can connect it to other apps that your business uses. The downside is that it’s only available online, and it doesn’t provide information on your income for tax time, which you might need if you’re a freelancer or employee.


Hurdlr vs Quickbooks: Beansbooks

Another option is Beanbooks. This software comes with some exciting features, like the ability to do your accounting on your phone or tablet. You can also track your mileage and send digital invoices and accept invoice payments. The downside is that there’s no way to organize business-related expenses, and you could end up wasting a lot of time manually entering data.

Zoho Books

zoho books

If you’re looking for accounting software that’s easy to use, then Zoho Books is a good choice. You can also track your time with this software, which is what some entrepreneurs are looking for. It also has integrations with other apps, which is good if you already use some of them. The downside is that it’s not very customizable and doesn’t offer a lot of support for multiple currencies.



Another option is Xero. It’s a good choice if you sell goods and services overseas. It’s also an excellent option for small business owners who don’t need anything too complicated, but it doesn’t offer a lot of integrations to other apps, which is a deal-breaker for some people.

Hurdlr vs Quickbooks: Final Thoughts

Choosing the right software for your small business can be a daunting task. There are so many different options, and it’s hard to know which one to choose. Fortunately, we’ve done the hard work for you and researched all of your options. So if you’re trying to decide between Hurdlr or Quickbooks, then you can rest easy knowing that we’ve found software that works well for both employees and freelancers.

Try Quickbooks if you need to file taxes at the end of the year. Quickbooks offers easy access to your company data and allows you to share it with other users. However, if you’re looking for more customizable software, then you should try Hurdlr. It’s a good choice if you need to track your expenses and organize your business-related data.

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