How to Cancel Superhuman Quickly

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By Ewen Finser

Last Updated on March 20, 2024 by Ewen Finser

Trying to get rid of Superhuman? You are in the right place.

There are many reasons you might be at this point:

  • Cost Considerations: Yes, it’s not particularly cheap for it’s class.
  • Not Using Advanced Features: To get the most of out of Superhuman, you really need to make sue of the productivity AND email management tools (at least to get the full value).
  • Other Alternatives are Better: There are a TON of innovative new email management apps that leverage AI out there right now… See the end of this article for some of the ones I’ve enjoyed the most as alternatives to Superhuman.

Whatever the reason to cancel let’s cut right to the chase with the fastest ways to do it:

How to Cancel Superhuman Steps

Unfortunately there is no easy IN APP way to cancel Superhuman… you have to reach out via either email or phone (ugh, I hate when companies do this!).

Ok, here are the steps I used to cancel:

  1. Compose an email requesting the cancellation of your account.
  2. Send this email to [email protected].
  3. Wait for a response from the Superhuman support team….

You’ll want to include your email associated as the primary address on the account to save some time with back and forth.

Alternate method (I’d recommend for more immediate cancellation):

  1. Call Superhuman at (510) 224-4623 (UPDATE: They now have an answering service that directs you to EMAIL to the above address…)

Note: this is not the way they encourage you to contact them, but nonetheless, it is the most immediately effective.

How to Identify Superhuman Charges on Your Bank Statement

Every month I go through our company bank statements to see what’s going on. IF I don’t recognize something, I do some digging… OR, I often need to validate that subscriptions were indeed cancelled.

Thankfully, Superhuman charges are fairly easy to identify and generally follow one of these formats:

Upon subscribing to Superhuman, the charges may appear on your bank statement under various names. Here are some possible descriptors:


Side note: IF you see a different charge title, can you let me know in the comments? This way I can update this list (since I don’t subscribe anymore).

Switch to Something Better Than Superhuman?

When I originally discovered Superhuman a few years back, I’ll admit to being in awe… at first. But then I discovered a whole CLASS of great email management apps, many recently launched, leveraging AI and the latest tech to level up the management experience.

These are some of the Superhuman alternatives that I personally like:

  • SaneBox: This one is a game-changer and the app I’ve stuck with over time. There’s some really deep functionality here AND AI implementation that makes it much easier to get the perfect inbox setup. It’s also generally much cheaper than Superhuman and you can get a $25 credit for any paid plan here. Read about my full experience with SaneBox.
  • Motion: It’s not so much an inbox management solution as it is a CALENDAR management app with a bit of project management mixed in. If the inbox management focus wasn’t quite working for you, Motion is worth a try for a different feel. Read my full take on Motion.
  • Spark Mail: Spark is almost a total re-invention of the modern inbox, with similarities to Superhuman’s inbox but with a much lower price tag and even a completely free version to try.

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