Best Squarespace Discounts and Promo Code Options

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By Ewen Finser

Last Updated on February 16, 2024 by Ewen Finser

If you are looking for a full list of the ongoing discount offers, hero discount codes, and special promo codes in ONE PLACE that actually work, this guide is for you.

Specifically, I like finding those hidden discount offers (student, teacher, etc..) that aren’t apparent on the site AND aren’t short term coupon codes that expire in a few weeks (or a few weeks ago).

Best Generally Available Squarespace Discounts

Best Seasonal Deals and Promotional Periods for Squarespace

Squarespace DOES tend to have discounts during holiday periods, specifically Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Sometimes the deals are better than the standard Squarespace promos, but not always.

Look of Cyber Monday & Black Friday Squarespace offers the week prior to Black Friday (Thanksgiving week here in the United States).

In 2023 the promotional offer was for 40% off ANNUAL plans. I’ll update this space once we know the 2024 promotional offer.

Specialty Discounts by Profession or Business Type

Many companies have specific niche discounts for categories or “hero” discounts. While Squarespace doesn’t have discounts for ALL categories, there are some good ones to be aware of, if you can qualify.

Squarespace Student Discount

Squarespace DOES offer a student discount for qualifying students of 50% off all annual plans at this page.

You’ll have to verify via their discount partner Student Beans (a few clicks if you are already established).

Note that this discount ONLY applies for the first year of the annual plan and all subsequent years will be for the full annual pricing at that time.

Squarespace Non Profit Discount

Squarespace doesn’t advertise this one on their formal discounts page, but it does appear there’s a 10% off discount (for the first purchase) on any of their plans.

How to get this discount? Select your plan and go to the checkout page, then enter code NONPROFIT to apply the discount.

Does Squarespace have a Military Discount?

At this time Squarespace doesn’t offer a dedicated Military discount. I’ll update this section when / if they do.

Does Squarespace have a Teacher Discount?

Similarly, there’s no dedicated teacher discount for Squarespace yet. This is a bit surprising as they DO have a student discount, referenced above.

Does Squarespace have a Senior Discount?

There’s also no dedicated discount for Seniors at this time.

Other Web Builders & Their Discount Programs

If Squarespace doesn’t have the right discount for you, or you just want to explore some better offers, here’s some website builder discounts that I also like:

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