Repixel Review

Repixel Review: Is It Worth Trying?

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By Deb Mayberry

Last Updated on May 2, 2023 by Ewen Finser

In our Repixel review, you will learn all about Repixel’s pros, cons, and features to help you determine if its right for your business.

As a website owner, I can attest that it can be a daunting task to attract customers to my home page, blog, and online shop. You think that once you put your website online, then the floodgates will open up and bang, you have a wealth of customers wanting your product and services.

I learned the hard way that this could not have been further from the truth.

When I put my website online, I was so excited. Finally, I can be a freelance business owner, help, and service customers that need my product and service, however reality sunk in. After many months all I heard were crickets. Nobody contacted me and, very few visited my web property.

How could this happen? I am on the World-Wide-Web after all. This is where almost everyone in the entire world is, that at least has a computer. Here I am. Right here. Where is everyone else?  Why don’t they see me?

Little did I know at the time, is that it takes a lot more leg-work than just putting a website online to get customers. There are many ways to attract customers but it takes time and can take lots of money. This avenue can be a crapshoot, as all the effort you put in could be a hit or miss and still give you the results of crickets too.

Free Marketing Alternative- Blogging


You could blog every day and hope Google or Bing will pick up on your activity and start to show your website and blogs when people search the keywords you use.

This is a free way of showing your customers your knowledge and it takes a lot of time and effort on your end to compile information and post. The more you Blog the more likely Google and Bing will pick-up on your activity and begin to show searchers results that hone in on your web page or post.

Other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram. Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and so forth provide a free platform to market and engage your audience. However, the same story holds. You can put your information out there but will your potential customers know you exist and how to find you?

You could pour money into Ads on AdSense, Facebook, Twitter, and all other social platforms that have Advertising Opportunities for you to attract customers or an Ad Network. However, the Ads are based on what Market you think your products could attract… like age, location, etc. 

This costs money and favorable results may or may not happen. This is when you want to test different ads to see what works and what doesn’t. Time, effort, and cost will deplete you. It’s doable but will likely not be as effective as you had hoped for. You will need to spend time analyzing to see which of your Ads work, when, and how. Trial and error will be constant and so will cost until you find the vein of customers out there that you are needing.

A New Way of Advertising – Retargeting!

I have a question for you…

Have you ever been freaked out when you are online and suddenly receive pop-up ads or other Ads directly related to a subject, item, or piece of information you had been searching for earlier online?  How does this happen, you ask…is big brother watching me?  Why am I getting Ads on stuff I was searching for online?

Here is my answer… there is a good reason for this and NO big brother is not one of them.  It is a new form of an effective advertising strategy that works better than the traditional way. It’s called Repixel.

Repixel Review: What is Repixel?

repixel logo

It’s an alternative way of marketing and a more effective way to tap into an online vein of potential customers that the traditional way cannot, without a lot of effort, time, and money.

Repixeling in-a-nutshell tags potential customers that have visited other websites that compliment your product and services.   In turn, this will allow you to send Ads to them with retargeting efforts, simple to any native traditional retargeting that you’ve done.

These customers are searching the website for specific information; therefore when they land on a site that compliments yours you are then able to provide an Ad about your product or service which is very likely that you have attracted them to your website too.

Step back and think about this for a minute…

Your Ads are linked to complementary websites and connect with their visitors. 

These sites have customers searching for specific products that are completely in-line with your products and services. When your Ad comes into a visitor’s view, that will likely trigger them to check your website out. After all, you have a spin-off on what they want, at the time they are wanting or needing it.

This strategy can save your time with Blogging and money with Ads that may or may not attract the customers you are trying to find.

Think about how wonderful you can take advantage of a new revenue stream for your Website. This new alternative brings customers to you that are looking for products and services they are needing.

Repixel Advertiser vs Site-Owners

Advertisers (Looking to Retarget Websites)

As an Advertiser, you set a daily ad budget. For example, a site owner receives 20,000 visitors per each day with a CPM of $2.00, you will need to pay $40/day. [20,000 visitors / 1,000 x $2.00 = $40.00]

If you have multiple site owners that you are repixeling then you will need to pay all of them all. Each site owner will have their visitor count and CPM.

Site-Owner (Looking to post listings that allow others to retarget their visitors

  • This is the company hosting the Advertiser’s pixel that is connected to their repixel app snippet that was added to the website header
  • Each site owner for each page that is viewed will bill you based on the CPM price that they have set.
  • Advertisers will pay site owners for each daily hit per CPM that was agreed upon.
  • This does not require any exclusivity like some Ad Network marketplaces require.
  • Works with Facebook pixel format and tracking

Repixel Review Overview – How does Repixel work?

Add your Website(s)

To add a site into Repixel you will be prompted to add your Website Name, URL, Monthly visits, CPM, Category, Language, Age, and Gender of Visitors, Your website tagline, and a description of your websites products and services.

   Repixel Add Site Screen Shot
Repixel provides a pixel code that you need to add once to your website in the Global Header. You then ask non-competitive website owners permission to advertise to potential customers that have visited their site.

You will then receive an email accepting or denying your Repixel request. Once you have a website owner that approves your app request, you will automatically be set-up. This is when the snipped of pixel code monitor’s User activity on their site who are searching and sends your Ads their way.

The Repixel Marketplace

Repixel Advertisers Screen Shot

Then you can choose from a list of Advertisers that you want to build an audience of users that visit their site.

Advertiser Permission

These Advertisers will review your Tagline and Description you entered when you created your account with Repixel. They will determine if you are deemed a suitable website owner that compliments their site or not. If you are not suitable for their visitors or if you are a competitor to the Advertiser, then you will be rejected.  Acceptance and rejections are sent to you via email.

Earned Money

Any money you earn will be added to your advertising balance. When you click on “My Account” this screen will appear. It shows what you have spent on advertising and what you earned.

Repixel Features & Benefits


  • Ability to add multiple websites at one-time via their cloud app
  • Set-up only one pixel on your website to activate
  • Easy navigation with accessible help, if needed
  • Visual marketplace providing website advertisers with CPMs to connect with
  • Graphs and excel charts that monitor your daily sales
  • Screen access to monitor daily advertising balance, earning balance, payouts, and default payment method
  • Easy copy and paste pixel code
  • Tech Support availability


  • Retarget visitors of non-competitive websites or mobile apps at the time they are looking for products and services specific to what you offer
  • Full Control of CPMs and who to work with
  • Scaling- advantage to scale all your websites with Repixel
  • No set-up fees – pay as you go (in US currency)
  • Doesn’t interfere with existing affiliate promotions or adds run on our site
  • No pop-up Ads that may annoy visitors to your site
  • Facebook Ad Compliant

Repixel’s Pros and Cons


  • Easy website to navigate from page to page
  • Blog posts available for Repixel topics
  • Only pay Repixel when you get paid
  • You choose your CPM’s and who to work with 
  • Facebook compliant with GDPR
  • Repixel does not store data
  • Online support system: Chat System is Available


  • Once your daily budget is set, it runs. Therefore, when you want to pause or cancel your campaign, you need to manually enter a zero to seize activity or contact them for assistance.
  • Step-by-step instructions are not available, so you have to feel your way around the process or google until you find an article that explains the process.

Client Feedback

“I’ve been happy with Repixel because it’s passive income. I’m notified when an advertiser wants to tag my visitors, and aside from clicking “approve” & transferring my balance to my bank once in a while, there’s no work involved. – Barry McKay CEO

“At first, we signed up for Repixel because it looked like a shiny new toy and we were most curious. But over the past couple of months performance has exceeded our expectations and it has become integral to our business.” – Russell Collins  Account Executive

Repixel Review Repixel Alternatives



  • Retargets campaigns based on how people behave on your website
  • 100% compatible with Facebook’s terms and conditions
  • Campaign set-ups t serve target ads based on visitor behavior
  • Pay to get an Account


  • Does not retarget website visitors but allows you to swap pixel access with other partners that have brands that complement yours
  • Place a targeted message on our partner’s email to scale your products and services
  • Pay to get an Account



  • SMS Marketing – leverages existing sweepstakes
  • Provides standalone SMS Sign-up forms and send special offers to your Audience
  • Buy and Sell sponsored content
  • Network connection with over 5,000 brands
  • Pay to get an Account

FAQs About Repixel

How much does Repixel cost?

– It is free to sign up
– It is free to connect to non-competitive websites
– Any sales earned is charged 20% commission fee by Repixel (

Do you have any tips about Repixel?

Yes!  Add a 20% buffer in your max bid to allow for the Repixel commission. That way you make money on what you expect and have no surprises that it is 20% less. This will not be seen by the website owner.

What if my Daily CPM is Maxed?

If your CPM maxes-out then all activities for that day are halted and will recommence the next day.

Can I add more than 1 of my websites to Repixel?

Yes, you can add as many websites as you want.

Repixel Review Final Thoughts

I believe in Repixel and find it an exciting opportunity to tap into the vein of customers that are specifically looking for what you provide. It costs nothing to join, you can monitor your working partners and costs, and pay-as-you-go. You are in complete control. 

In my opinion, it is a better alternative than traditional marketing because it helps you hone in on the target market that did not know you existed and it brings them to you every time they are searching for what you offer.

Bottom Line Summary: Repixel is an innovative new platform for both Publisher’s and Advertiser’s. It creates a genuine “win-win”. Most advertisers can pay below market rates to reach new audiences, while publishers can add an additional revenue stream on-top of existing monetization (ad network, affiliate, etc…). Definitely recommend signing up to try it here. There’s really no downside.

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