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5 Best Regus Alternatives Guide

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By David Borgogni

Last Updated on July 19, 2023 by Ewen Finser

When you’re trying to set up a business remotely, protecting your privacy is really important.

How do you have any kind of separation from work and leisure time, especially when your work-related mail comes through your letterbox and your cellphone is ringing 24/7?

That, to me, is the value of virtual office spaces. They give you all the professionalism of an office without having to physically be there, and in my own working life, I’ve found them to be invaluable since switching to full-time remote work.

Regus is a popular virtual office service. However, there are some companies out there offering similar or even better services with more useful features if you’re trying to run a business from home, as I do.

Here are five of my favorite Regus alternatives that I would absolutely recommend checking out!

Regus Alternatives – The Bottom Line Up Front

I’d definitely recommend checking out Alliance Virtual Offices. There’s a range of tools available, including friendly, helpful virtual receptionists that are great from your customer or clients’ perspectives.

However, if you just want a simple service that offers you a business address and mail handling, it’s worth checking out iPostal 1.

Best Virtual Office Value
Why Go With Alliance Virtual Offices?

Modern, easy to use, with excellent customer service make Alliance stand out as my go-to option for virtual office services.

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My Top Picks at a Glance

Here’s a quick overview of the services I recommend if you’re looking for a Regus alternative:

  • iPostal 1 – a simple-to-use virtual office that provides you with mailing and phone services.
  • Alliance Virtual Offices– a large range of virtual office services, including business addresses, phone numbers, and virtual receptionists.
  • Opus Virtual Offices – offers live receptionists, a business address, phone number, and fax number.
  • Stark Office Suites– a New York-based service offering virtual offices and physical meeting rooms.
  • WorkBar – a Boston-based service offering modern office spaces and some virtual office services.

What to Look for in Virtual Office Services

Regus Alternatives

If you’re looking for a virtual office service, here are a few key features to look for:

Business Address and Mail Handling

If you work remotely, having an official business address makes sense. It creates a boundary between your home and work life, and it helps if you want to form an LLC or you want a business address to use for official paperwork.

Having a business address will provide a safe space for your physical mail to go; some services forward this mail directly to your home, allow you to collect it whenever you want, or can even help you to handle the mail by opening and scanning it for you.

Phone Services

You can also apply to have a business phone number. Calls to this number will be directed to your phone (or the phone of a specified team member). You might also be able to apply for call-out services, which means your business phone number will be displayed if you make calls from your cell phone.

This is a great way to make your company easily accessible to people while protecting your own privacy.

Services may also include the ability to listen to voicemail messages remotely, divert calls, and take international calls.

Virtual Receptionist

Having a virtual receptionist is great in terms of providing a welcoming voice for your customers or clients.

It’s also a good way of capturing leads: receptionists can take messages, divert certain callers to different places, or even just point clients in the direction of online contact with the right people.

Physical OfficesOffice

You might want to book into a physical office from time to time; if you run a team remotely or you’re a project manager, it’s helpful to be able to meet in person once in a while. It’s also helpful to be able to book a meeting in a professional space with your clients or business partners.

Some virtual offices allow you to book in whenever you like using their website; this makes it super easy to book meetings, sometimes in many different locations across the globe.


Pricing can vary for virtual office services. Some offer basic packages with just a mailing address and phone number (like iPostal 1, which I’ll talk about in the next section).

Others, like Alliance Virtual Offices, offer a suite of packages and may include some hours in their physical meeting rooms or offices, which you can book whenever you want.

What is Regus?

Regus virtual office services

Regus offers both physical offices for rent and virtual office services.

You can book meeting rooms and coworking spaces across the globe using their online platform, and their virtual office services are useful.

You can get a professional business address and phone number using Regus, and they offer extra services like mail forwarding and call handling, too.

However, if Regus is not for you for whatever reason, below you’ll find 5 great alternatives worth considering.

Top 5 Regus Alternatives

Here are five of my favorite virtual office services offering similar services to Regus. I’ve covered their main features, pricing, and pros and cons.

I’ve also tried to cover a different range of pricing options where possible, so you can hopefully find one that suits your needs.

iPostal 1

iPostal 1

iPostal 1 is focused on offering mailbox services. Users can register for a business address, view and manage mail online, and access phone or fax services.

I like that you can access your mail online; iPostal1 photographs the outside of the mail, and if you want them to, they can open it and scan it for you. This makes it much quicker than having to go down there and collect your mail regularly.

You can also request for mail to be discarded or shredded, or if you want to pick it up, you can schedule a time to do this whenever you like using the website.

They offer phone and fax services, too; you can apply for a business phone number, which will forward directly to a number of your choosing, and you can even apply for a toll-free phone number for your business.

If you expect to be dealing with a large volume of mail or if you need a business address to form an LLC, for example, I think that iPostal1 is worth checking out. It’s worth noting that there are extra charges for mail forwarding and pick-ups, and you could get caught out here; the price is pretty low, but you’ll need to factor these charges into the price too.

iPostal 1 Pricing

There are three basic plans for iPostal 1:

  • Virtual Mailing Address – from $9.99 per month for personal use
  • Virtual Business Address – from $9.99 per month for business use
  • Virtual Office – from $39.99 per month, includes local or toll-free phone and fax, plus call forwarding and voicemail

Find out more about the pricing on their website.

iPostal 1 Pros and Cons


  • Good if you need a business address
  • Can manage your mail remotely
  • There are phone, fax, and voicemail features available too


  • The extra charges for forwarding and pickups bump up the price

Alliance Virtual Offices

Alliance Virtual Offices

Alliance Virtual Offices has a large range of services, including live receptionists, a business address, and coworking spaces and offices in many locations across the globe.

I like the virtual office services. Signing up for a package gives you a business address, and you can apply for a virtual phone number for an extra charge, too. Calls to this number will be forwarded to your phone to protect your privacy.

They have offices in 44 countries, and you can use their simple online platform to book a slot in one of their coworking spaces or meeting rooms. This is easy to do no matter where you are in the world, making global working much easier.

The virtual receptionists are brilliant. They’re a great first point of contact for your customers, and they can divert calls to the right place, take messages, and point customers in the direction of information online if necessary. Perfect for lead capturing if you don’t want to be tied to your phone 24/7.

The offices in the building are well-equipped, and the staff there are super helpful; the customer support, in general, is great.

There is a downside in that their contracts start at six months, and the setup fee might be difficult for smaller businesses to afford.

Alliance Virtual Offices – Pricing

Pricing for Alliance Virtual Offices varies depending on where you are and the services you want. Their basic plan is around $50-$100, and the setup fee costs around $150-200.

You can read more about it on their pricing page.

Best Virtual Office Value
Why Go With Alliance Virtual Offices?

Modern, easy to use, with excellent customer service make Alliance stand out as my go-to option for virtual office services.

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Alliance Virtual Offices Pros and Cons


  • Virtual receptionists are helpful and friendly
  • Users can apply for a business address and phone number
  • Offices in 44 countries, with many in big cities in the US
  • Customer support is excellent


  • Pricing may be prohibitive to smaller businesses

Opus Virtual Offices

Opus Virtual offices

Opus Virtual Offices offers virtual office services, including 650 physical office spaces across the US.

I like that you can book meeting rooms starting at $15 per hour; this is pretty reasonable, and they have several locations in some of the biggest cities in the US.

You can apply for a business address, a phone number, and a fax number. They offer live receptionist services, which gives your customers a welcoming person to talk to, and allows them to be diverted to the right person.

They have some extra features, too. For example, they have a call-out feature (which means your business number will be displayed when you make outgoing calls rather than your personal number), international call transfers, call recording, and texting. Plus, they have business credit-building services available.

I think the biggest downside of Opus Virtual Offices is the pricing. It starts from $99 monthly, which is pricey for smaller businesses.

Opus Pricing

Opus costs $99 per month, which includes the following services:

  • Live receptionist answering calls
  • Corporate mailing address
  • Company phone and fax number
  • Premium call transferring
  • Voicemail converted to email
  • Fax converted to email
  • Business credit building

They have some extra features which come with their own charges. You can read more on their pricing page.

Opus Pros and Cons


  • The live receptionists are helpful
  • Allows you to apply for a business address, phone number, and fax number
  • Many physical office spaces across the US


  • Just one pricing plan, which may be unaffordable for smaller businesses

Stark Office Suites

Stark Office Suites virtual office services - regus alternatives

Stark Office Suites is a New-York based service offering virtual offices and physical office spaces. They have thirteen physical spaces in New York, and if you sign up for these services, it includes lobby listings and mailing addresses.

They offer virtual office services like a dedicated business phone number, call greeting, call transfers and screening, and voicemail services (for example, voicemail-to-email transferring). They also offer mail forwarding.

Stark has some add-ins, which I can see would be useful to some businesses: these include on-site filing cabinets and extra phone numbers. You can add as many of these to your plan as you want.

The downside is that some of their physical offices are a little dated, but they’re still well-equipped.

Stark Office Suites Pricing

Stark Office Suites has five price plans:

  • The Business Mailing Address – From $100/month and includes business address and lobby listing.
  • The Executive Meeting Room – From $175/month and includes access to meeting rooms and space usage credit.
  • The Personal Receptionist – From $175/month and includes call screening, phone number, voicemail with remote access, and voicemail-to-email.
  • The Professional Office – From $300/month and includes an IP phone with unlimited domestic calling.
  • The Professional Office Plus – From $400/month and includes everything on the other plans plus a $250 monthly space usage credit.

Stark Office Suites Pros and Cons


  • Good voicemail tools
  • You can apply for as many add-ons as you want
  • Physical offices across New York


  • Some of the office furnishes are slightly dated

You can find out more on their pricing page.


WorkBar virtual office services

WorkBar is a Boston-based company offering virtual office services and physical office spaces. They have modern, bright offices across the Boston area, with partner locations in 100 locations across the globe.

The virtual office services are very good. You can apply for a business address and a phone and fax number, which is great if you want to protect your privacy and present a professional image to your customers.

WorkBar will deal with your mail for you, and you can arrange for pickups or mail forwarding whenever you like.

I like the physical office spaces; you can drop in and out when you want to, and booking meeting rooms is very straightforward.

The downside to WorkBar is that the pricing starts from $99 per month, so the pricing may be slightly restrictive for smaller businesses.

WorkBar Pricing

The virtual office pricing for WorkBar is $99 per month. There are more complex packages that include physical office spaces, but prices for these vary depending on the location you choose.

You can read more on their website.

WorkBar Pros and Cons


  • Modern, well-equipped office spaces across Boston
  • Virtual office services provide a mailing address and phone number
  • There are many partner locations across the globe


  • Pricing may be slightly restrictive for small businesses

FAQs about Regus Alternatives


Question: Why should I apply for a business address?

Answer: A business address is useful for a few reasons: it gives you an address you can use on your business paperwork, and it means that any mail for your business can go to a physical office rather than your home.

This is also useful for creating a sense of separation between work and home, which can be tricky when working remotely.

Question: Can I have mail forwarded to me, or do I have to collect it if I use a virtual office space?

Answer: You can do either. You might find it easier to have mail forwarded, but it’s worth noting that these come at an extra cost.

Question: What’s the difference between office space and a virtual office?

Answer: There’s one main difference. Virtual offices allow you to work from anywhere; they give you a fixed location to use in paperwork and business advertising, but you can still work from home.

Office spaces, or coworking spaces, are physical offices that can be hired when you want to use them.

Best Regus Alternatives Guide: My Final Thoughts

Alliance Virtual Offices is great. I like that they offer basic services (a business address and phone number) alongside virtual receptionists. Plus, their coworking spaces and meeting rooms are excellent, and booking them – even if you’re traveling halfway across the globe – is super easy.

If you do just want a business address, I’d also suggest checking out iPostal 1, which is excellent for handling mail.

Best Virtual Office Value
Why Go With Alliance Virtual Offices?

Modern, easy to use, with excellent customer service make Alliance stand out as my go-to option for virtual office services.

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