Best Dropshipping Courses to Take in 2019

By DigitalMerchant | Ecommerce

I bet you’ve noticed the trend by now. That many ecommerce entrepreneurs are increasingly joining the dropshipping bandwagon. So far, about a third of online stores are using dropshipping as the principal fulfillment method. As a result, 23% of online sales in 2017 were completed through dropshipping- amounting to about $85.1 billion. The reason we […]

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SocialPilot vs. Buffer: Where Social Media Automation Plus Analytics Wins

By DigitalMerchant | Social Media

SocialPilot and Buffer’s social automation features are time-saving and an integrated robust social media analytics feature makes them indispensable. Social media puts its best foot forward around midday, according to research. This is when social sharing and traffic is at its peak. Data also shows that social media traffic outperforms traffic to websites from late […]

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5 Powerful Alternatives To Contactually

By DigitalMerchant | CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a crucial aspect in running a successful business. A healthy customer relationship leads to customer loyalty and retention, which translates to revenue. This is the reason why visionary businesses are investing in CRM tools. There are many CRM software available today and Contactually is one of them. Its main focus […]

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