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How to Change Ownership Percentage of LLC

The ownership of your business indicates the profits you’re entitled to, but they also come into play when applying for a business loan. Anyone who owns 20% or more of the business is required to personally guarantee the loan. While …

How Long Does it Take to Get an LLC

The first step to forming a business is finding the proper legal structure for it. The law allows you to conduct business under various legal structures, but all the options may not suit what you want to do. This way, …

What is Headless Commerce?

Headless commerce, in its simplest form, is the separation of the front and back ends of an ecommerce application. This architecture allows brands to be creative and build what they want. It allows brands to enhance the customer experience. These APIs …

The 6 Best CRMs for Facebook Leads [2021]

Back in 2015, Facebook introduced a business mobile advertising tool called Facebook Lead Ads. The goal for Facebook Lead Ads is to focus on mobile users because 98.3% of Facebook users access Facebook on their mobile devices. When leads information …

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