Best Connecteam Integrations to Start With (and my wishlist)

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By Ewen Finser

Last Updated on June 9, 2024 by Ewen Finser

If you are trying to figure out what the optimal integrations are for Connecteam, you are in the right spot.

In my original review of Connecteam, I noted a number of important payroll and accounting integrations. I’ll walk through exactly how to integrate these and how I’d rank them in terms of usefulness.

I’ll also keep a running list of integrations I’d LIKE to see and update this page as we receive new information from Connecteam on upcoming integrations.

Native Connecteam Integrations

Connecteam natively integrates with a handful (currently) of payroll and accounting applications. These include:

  • Gusto
  • Paychex
  • Intuit QuickBooks
  • Xero

Personally, our companies use Gusto to process payroll, so this integration is helpful and works well.

For the full process, check out this video before (similar process for the other integrations):

From talking to their team I’m told more are in the works! I’ll update this list as soon as new native integrations are added.

Connecteam Now Integrates with Zapier!

This is a big update and puts Connecteam on part with peers:

There’s now a whole new partner list to integrate with:

Some useful integrations to use with Zapier:

  • Add data to spreadsheets (Google Sheets or Excel) once certain actions happen in Connecteam
  • Integrate forms from Connecteam into your third-party support or ticketing system (this is a BIG one for service based businesses)
  • Onboarding new team members into your third party payroll system when created in Connecteam

Connecteam SSO Integrations

One of the features I like about Connecteam is that you can configure your single sign-on integrations for your team / company on your own.

You’ll just need to navigate over to your Settings > Security area here:

As you can see from this screenshot, Connecteam currently supports (as of this writing / update):

  • Google SSO
  • Azure AD SSO
  • Okta SSO
  • One Login SSO (coming soon)

Connecteam API Access for Integrations

Connecteam DOES offer a very open API that you can customize for whatever you need. That said, messing around with API’s is a fairly technical task and you’ll either need to know what you are doing, or have a dev resource who can help you.

This is a helpful resource on how to use the API for custom integrations:

Connecteam Integrations I’d Like to See

These are some integrations “on the wish list” that would make sense (for me personally), but also for many of the common business types and teams that Connecteam is a good fit for.

  • POS Integrations: To expand support for more traditional retail locations, but also for service teams using mobile POS systems (Square, etc…), I’d love to get sales data back into my Connecteam dashboard. This is something that competitors like Homebase already have. Since it’s already becoming a work management dashboard, this data would make sense as a next integration. Specifically, Square, Clover, Stripe, Lightspeed and Toast would be good starting points.
  • Other Payroll Systems: Gusto and Paychex are great starts, but ADP would be a good next add, followed by Paycom.
  • Hiring Platform Integrations: Since Connecteam has an amazing onboarding process already baked in, it would be nice to add integrations with job boards like Indeed and other HCM suites like Glassdoor, Greenhouse, and Workable.
  • Reviews Integrations: There are some REALLY good platforms out there for soliciting reviews from customers. Rather than re-invent the wheel here, it would be great if Connecteam could integrate these tools into the “task management” and best practices for customer facing industries like home services or hospitality. Good first steps would be platforms like Podium, Birdeye, and NiceJob!
  • Zapier Integration: Just by integrating with Zapier, Connecteam could solve some of the above at least partially! UPDATE: This is added as of June 2024!

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