Best CRMs for Mortgage Loan Officers Guide

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Mortgage lead conversion is always a numbers game. Data from Freddie Mac reveals that, as of March 17th, 2022, the 30-year fixed-rate U.S mortgage hit a three-year high by eight basis points to 4.16%. The increase in home prices will likely increase demand for refinancing and home-equity loans. 

Loan officers will have to increase their efforts to maintain a strong relationship with past clients while also continuing to generate new leads.

The need for a CRM tool that allows for seamless customer communication has never been greater. Many tools are available on the market, with features that cater to mortgage loan officers.

An ideal mortgage CRM tool will help manage customer interactions, automate repetitive tasks, and keep track of crucial data points. Some have advanced reporting features that can help spot trends and optimize marketing and sales strategies.

As a loan officer, it is necessary to consider price, features, usability, and integrations when making a purchase decision. A CRM tool that will help increase the conversion rate is a valuable investment. This guide will introduce you to the best CRMs for mortgage loan officers based on our findings from researching and reviewing dozens of options.

Bottom Line Up Front

The best CRMs for mortgage loan officers are those that offer a mix of features that are important to the success of loan officers. HubSpot CRM stands out for its ability to track mortgage leads and automate follow-up tasks, and ease of use. While it is not specifically designed for the mortgage industry, it can be easily customized to meet the needs of loan officers.

List of Best CRMs for Mortgage Loan Officers


  1. HubSpot 
  2. Keap
  3. Jungo
  4. Whiteboard Mortgage CRM
  5. BNTouch Mortgage CRM

What Is a Mortgage CRM?

CRM is an acronym for customer relationship management. It is a software category covering various tools used to manage customer interactions and track data points related to those interactions. 

A mortgage CRM specifically helps loan officers manage the leads they generate and track their progress through the loan application process. It also allows them to keep in touch with past clients and cultivate relationships that result in repeat business. 

The goal of any CRM software is to improve customer relationships, but the definition of what that looks like will differ from one company to the next. For mortgage loan officers, a CRM should automate and track the tasks related to the mortgage application process. 

It should also help identify potential leads and track their progress from initial contact through closing. Having access to historical data on customer interactions can help loan officers make better decisions about allocating their marketing efforts.

What Features Should a Mortgage CRM Have?

Mortgage CRM tools are not equal. Some have features designed specifically for the mortgage industry, while others offer a more general approach to customer relationship management. The features you need will depend on your specific business goals and the size of your operation. A small loan officer who is just starting may not need all the bells and whistles offered by a top-of-the-line CRM. 

However, a more comprehensive CRM will offer features like:

  • Lead management: The ability to import leads from various sources, track their progress, and convert them into customers. 
  • Loan application tracking: A clear overview of the loan application process from start to finish. 
  • Automation: Automated tasks like email drip campaigns and scheduled reminders. 
  • Regulation compliance: The ability to stay compliant with regulations put in place by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) or the Federal housing administration (FHA). 
  • Loan management: Some CRMs offer specialized tools for managing loans, from creating proposals to tracking payments. It should synchronize with loan status values in your Encompass system.
  • Marketing and advertising: Many CRMs offer built-in marketing features or integrations with popular marketing software. 
  • Integrations: An ideal CRM will integrate with other software, like your customer relationship management (CRM) system or your loan origination system (LOS).
  • Mobile functionality: Accessing your CRM on the go is a must in today’s fast-paced world. Mobile apps offer the flexibility to work from anywhere. 
  • Advanced reporting: Reporting features that go beyond the basics to help you spot trends and optimize your marketing and sales strategies. 

Criteria for Choosing the Best CRM for Mortgage Loan Officers

Before we dive into our analysis of the best CRMs for mortgage loan officers, let’s look at the criteria we used to make our selections. 

  • Pricing: We looked for CRMs that offer a range of pricing options to fit the needs of small, medium, and large businesses. 
  • Ease of use: The design of a CRM should be intuitive and easy to navigate. It should also be customizable to fit the specific needs of your business.
  • Customer support: We considered the quality of customer support and the availability of online resources, like tutorials and FAQs. 
  • Features: The features offered by a CRM should meet the needs of your business. Size, business goals, and the mortgage industry will all play a role. 
  • Integrations: A CRM that integrates with other software, like your LOS or marketing tools, is a valuable asset. 
  • Functionality: A CRM should be more than just a glorified contact list. It should automate and streamline the tasks related to the mortgage application process.

Best CRMs for Mortgage Loan Officers

Below is a detailed analysis of the best CRMs for mortgage loan officers based on our criteria.

1. HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM

Mortgage loan officers looking for a comprehensive CRM with robust marketing features will find a lot to love in HubSpot. The software offers extensive customization options on its features to better suit the needs of mortgage companies. 

HubSpot’s intuitive design and easy-to-use interface make it an excellent choice for businesses. Using the content management system software, you can easily create landing pages and forms, track the performance of your marketing campaigns, and segment your leads. 

The CRM also offers powerful automation features to help streamline your mortgage business. You can set up automated tasks like email drip campaigns, scheduled reminders, and lead nurturing workflows. The powerful email tool also allows you to track opens, clicks, and reply rates. 

HubSpot integrates with a wide range of software, including popular mortgage CRMs like Encompass from Ellie Mae. The integration allows you to transfer data between the two platforms and keep your information up-to-date.

The customer service hub gives mortgage loan officers all the tools they need to provide an excellent customer experience to their clients. It syncs all the customer data and channels into one CRM making it easy to get a 360-degree view of all customer interactions.

HubSpot Features

  • Sales engagement tools 
  • Quote and CPQ functionality
  • Reporting and analytics 
  • Help desk automation 
  • Email marketing 
  • Lead management 
  • Marketing automation 
  • Integrations 
  • Lead management 

HubSpot Pricing 

HubSpot has specified pricing for the different product offerings. Some of its free tools allow users to get used to the system as they grow their business.

Below is are the starting price plans for the different features HubSpot offers: 


  • Starter: $45/month
  • Professional: $800/month 
  • Enterprise: $3200/month


  • Starter: $45/month 
  • Professional: $450/month
  • Enterprise: $1200/month

Customer Services 

  • Starter: $45/month
  • Professional: $450/month
  • Enterprise: $1200/month


  • Starter: $23/month
  • Professional: $360/month 
  • Enterprise: $1200/month

The pricing plans may change depending on the number of users and the features required.

HubSpot Pros

  • Intuitive design and easy-to-use interface 
  • Robust marketing features 
  • Wide range of integrations 
  • Automation features to streamline mortgage business 
  • Customer service hub 

HubSpot Cons

  • Not the most cost-effective CRM 
  • Configuration can be complicated for some users 
  • Limited survey functionality

2. Keap


Keap is a top-of-the-line CRM and sales automation platform perfect for mortgage loan officers. Its stands out as one of the most comprehensive CRMs with automation as its core business offering. The software’s clean user interface and drag-and-drop functionality make it easy to use. Loan officers can start with a pre-built automation template or create their own. 

If integrations are vital to you, Keap has got you covered. It integrates with over 2500 different applications, including some of the most popular mortgage LOSs (loan origination systems). This integration allows you to automate tasks and workflows between the two platforms. 

By far, one of the best features Keap offers is its scalability. The CRM grows with your business, so you never have to worry about outgrowing the software. As your team and business expand, you can add users and features without any trouble.

Keap comes with an Android and iOS app to access your data on the go. 

Keap Features 

  • Sales automation 
  • Lead management 
  • Marketing automation
  • Reporting and analytics 
  • Appointments 
  • Email marketing 

Keap Pricing 

  • Lite: $59/month
  • Pro: $129/month
  • Max: $199/month

The paid plans include a dedicated migration specialist for loan officers looking to switch CRMs.

Keap Pros

  • Very comprehensive CRM 
  • Intuitive design and easy-to-use interface 
  • Integrates with over 2500 different applications 
  • Scalable for businesses of all sizes 
  • Android and iOS app 
  • On-demand strategy courses 
  • Unlimited 24/7 customer support 

Keap Cons 

  • Pricing can be a bit steep for some
  • New mortgage loan officers using may find email automation daunting

3. Jungo


Jungo is a mortgage-specific CRM focusing on helping loan officers increase their production. As a premier mortgage app for Salesforce, Jungo offers an extensive feature set, full automation, and complete customization to fit the needs of any loan officer, big or small, using the unified Salesforce interface.

One of the best features of Jungo is its ability to integrate with just about any third-party software that your business uses. This feature gives you the power to automate workflows and tasks between different platforms, saving you time and increasing efficiency. 

Jungo is also a powerful multichannel marketing platform. It comes with a built-in email marketing tool, drip campaigns, and lead capture forms to help you generate more leads and close more loans. The platform gives you access to mortgage-specific marketing content, including email templates, landing pages, and social media posts. 

If you want to send automated milestone alerts and task reminders to your team, Jungo has you covered. The platform offers an alert system that loan officers can customize to fit their specific needs. By integrating your favorite LOS system, Jungo prevents double entry and ensures that all your data is up-to-date and accurate. 

Jungo Features

  • Built-in customer service features 
  • Integrations with LOS systems 
  • Lead capture forms 
  • Automated pipeline management 
  • Milestone alerts and task reminders 
  • Marketing content library 

Jungo Pricing 

Jungo pricing starts at $99/month per user per base rate. 

Jungo Pros

  • The platform is built on Salesforce, so it’s very comprehensive 
  • It offers a wide range of features 
  • Fully customizable to fit the needs of any loan officer 
  • Syncs well with LOS systems 
  • Mobile app 
  • Alert system for task reminders and milestone alerts 

Jungo Cons 

  • Pricing is a bit steep for some users 
  • Glitchy reporting features 

4. Whiteboard Mortgage CRM

Whiteboard Mortgage CRM

Whiteboard Mortgage CRM is a simple, no-frills CRM designed specifically for mortgage loan officers. The platform saves loan officers time by automating tasks and workflows. It also has many features to help loan officers increase their production, including email drip campaigns, built-in lead management tools, partner management, and lead source aggregators.

One of the best features of Whiteboard Mortgage CRM is its lead source aggregators. These tools allow you to track and manage your leads from all your different sources in one place. This feature makes it easy to see where your leads are coming from and track their progress through the sales funnel. 

The automated lead follow-up feature of Whiteboard Mortgage CRM is another standout feature. This tool sends automated email drip campaigns to leads at preset intervals, ensuring that you never lose touch with a potential customer. 

The mobile apps for both Android and iOS make it easy to take your CRM with you wherever you go. With Whiteboard Mortgage CRM, you have everything you need to increase your production right at your fingertips. 

Whiteboard Mortgage CRM Features

  • Email drip campaigns 
  • Lead source aggregators 
  • Automated lead follow-up 
  • LOS integrations 
  • Reports and analytics 
  • Task management 
  • Partner management 

Whiteboard Mortgage CRM Pricing

  • 1–9 Users: $150/month 
  • 10–19 Users: $125/month 
  • 20 plus users: $100/month
  • Enterprise: $100 plus /month

Whiteboard Mortgage CRM Pros 

  • Designed by industry experts specifically for mortgage loan officers 
  • Saves time with automated tasks and workflows 
  • Many features to increase production 
  • Lead source aggregators 
  • Mobile apps 
  • Seamless LOS integrations 

Whiteboard Mortgage CRM Cons

  • Pricing is a bit high for some users 
  • Support options are limited 
  • Lacks a free trial

5. BNTouch Mortgage CRM

BNTouch Mortgage CRM

BNTouch Mortgage CRM is a comprehensive CRM platform with tools built from the ground up for mortgage loan officers. It offers a wide range of features designed to increase production, including automatic email and text drip campaigns, lead capture forms, and social media integrations.

It also has a number of powerful tools to help you manage your team and partners. The borrower and partners management tool allows you to easily keep track of everyone involved in the loan process. Its structured pipeline management tool makes it easy to see where each loan is in the process, and its milestone alerts ensure that you never miss a key step. 

BNTouch Mortgage CRM has a wide range of integrations, making it easy to use with your existing systems. It also offers a mobile app for both Android and iOS, so you can take your CRM with you wherever you go. It also comes with collaboration tools, so you can easily work with your team and partners. 

BNTouch Mortgage CRM Features

  • Email and SMS marketing automation 
  • Lead capture forms 
  • Structured pipeline management 
  • Milestone alerts 
  • Automated follow-ups 
  • Borrower and partner management 
  • Social media integrations
  • Collaboration tools 
  • Websites and landing pages 

BNTouch Mortgage CRM Pricing

  • Individual: $148/per user/month 
  • Team: $158/per user/month 
  • Enterprise: Contact sales team for pricing 
  • Free demo: contact sales team

BNTouch Mortgage CRM Pros

  • Easy to use 
  • Many features to increase production 
  • Excellent borrower and partner management tools 
  • Structured pipeline management tool 
  • Wide range of integrations 
  • Mobile app 
  • Pre-built marketing content 
  • Features built-in E-signatures 

BNTouch Mortgage CRM Cons

  • It can be pricey for some users 
  • Some users find the interface to be a bit cluttered 
  • It doesn’t have a free trial

Other CRMs for Mortgage Loan Officers


Below are other CRMs that you may want to consider for your mortgage business. 

  1. EnagageBay
  2. Insightly
  3. LeadSquared 
  4. Encompass CRM
  5. Zendesk Sell
  6. Cimmaron
  7. Pipedrive
  8. Surefire


Question: What is Encompass CRM?

Answer: Encompass CRM is a customer relationship management software for mortgage businesses of all sizes. It offers a wide range of features, including loan origination, customer relationship management, marketing, and lead management. It also has a wide range of integrations, making it easy to use with your existing systems. 

Question: What is the Best CRM for Mortgage Loan Officers?

Answer: The best CRM for mortgage loan officers will depend on your specific needs. Some of the best CRMs for mortgage loan officers include Whiteboard Mortgage CRM, BNTouch Mortgage CRM, and Encompass CRM.
Most people prefer HubSpot CRM because of its wide range of features, but it may be too pricey for some users. 

Question: What Should you Look for in a CRM for Mortgage Loan Officers?

Answer: When looking for a CRM for mortgage loan officers, you should consider features such as lead capture forms, social media integrations, mobile apps, and structured pipeline management. You should also look for a CRM that is easy to use and offers a wide range of integrations. 


The best CRM for mortgage loan officers will depend on your specific needs. When choosing a mortgage CRM, consider ease of use, features, integrations, and pricing. This article has outlined some of the best CRMs for mortgage loan officers. I recommend HubSpot because it stands out for its wide range of features, its ease of use, and its wide range of integrations.