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Landingi vs Unbounce: Which Is Best For Creating Landing Pages?

Landingi vs Unbounce: Which Is Best For Creating Landing Pages?

Last Updated on May 19, 2022 by DMEditor

Sending people to a broken-down landing page won’t do. Everyone is upping their marketing game, and people hold onto their emails tighter, so you have to work harder to get them. Looking at Landingi vs Unbounce can give you an idea of how high-quality these landing pages are getting.

You could build landing pages yourself and spend hours trying to figure out if what you created converts. You could also hire an expensive, developer, designer, and conversion expert to help you with landing page creation and optimization, but many people don’t have that in their budget. If you’re a startup, you really need to save your pennies and get your baby off the ground.

Using platforms like Landingi or Unbounce is the equalizer between big companies and small businesses. Continue reading this article, and I’ll walk you through the features of each of these services as well as their background, price, and more.

Main Differences Between Landingi vs Unbounce

The main differences between Landingi vs Unbounce are:

  • Landingi has a normal drag-and-drop platform, whereas Unbounce has an AI-powered platform that helps increase conversions.
  • Landingi offers a much lower starting cost, whereas Unbounce caters to people with a bigger budget.
  • Landingi requires you to start with a blank page, whereas Unbounce offers “SmartCopy” that allows you to instantly generate copy with the help of AI.
  • Landingi offers over 400 templates, whereas Unbounce only offers 100 templates.

Now, let’s dive deeper into Landingi and Unbounce to see which one fits your needs best.

Landingi vs Unbounce: Landingi Overview


Błażej Abel is the founder and CEO of Landingi. He says they built the company on the foundation of their two passions: digital marketing and creating products. Landingi has been around for over nine years at the time of this writing, and they have customers in over eighty countries.

The company employs over sixty people, so it’s not as big of a company as Unbounce. One of the benefits of this is that they are not totally set in their ways and welcome feedback and suggestions for how they can make the product better.

You can use Landingi to create, publish, and optimize your landing pages to get the best results. You don’t need to be a coding genius or to spend hours of frustration working on a confusing project. The drag-and-drop editor allows you to get your design correct—right down to the pixel.


  • Attractive templates
  • Easy to use drag-and-drop editor
  • Responsive customer service team


  • Design not consistent across devices
  • Somewhat limited lightbox option

Landingi vs Unbounce: Unbounce Overview

Unbounce boasts of being the first to market in 2009. At this point, the term landing page didn’t really mean much, and it took a while to catch on. The reason Unbounce came into being is due to its founder Rick Perreault’s frustration. He didn’t like waiting on developers taking their sweet time to get him the design he needed to run his business and get results.

Rick teamed up with Carter Gilchrist, Oli Gardner, Carl Schmidt, Justin Stacey, and Jason Murphy in a tiny room in Gastown, Vancouver, to bring Unbounce to life. Fast forward to now, and Unbounce is one of the most well-known landing page creators and is highly respected in the digital marketing industry. And they pride themselves in helping their customers get over 1.5 billion conversions.


  • Easy drag-and-drop editor
  • Templates that make creating a sinch
  • Helpful conversion tracking tools


  • This tool has an overwhelming amount of options
  • Missing built-in chatbot functionality
  • Not very easy to organize if you have a lot of Unbounce landing page campaigns

Landingi vs Unbounce: Which One Is Easier to Use?

If you’re reading this, it’s likely this is your first time buying this type of software. Even if you have bought a landing page tool before, you may not have had too much luck with it because it was overcomplicated and confusing.

The good news is that both Unbounce and Landingi make it simple for you to use their template editors because they are both drag-and-drop editors. One thing to keep in mind is that Unbounce uses AI to help you get better conversions, so you don’t have to brainstorm everything yourself, which does make using it very easy.

Does Landingi or Unbounce Get the Best Conversion Rate?

According to the Unbounce website, the average conversion rate for a landing page is 4.02%. However, each industry is very different, and not only that, but your landing page has everything to do with it.

You can get high conversion rates on both Landingi and Unbounce, but if you don’t know anything about how to increase your conversion rates, you should go with Unbounce. Since Unbounce has AI behind it that can help you, that’s your best bet as a novice.

Pricing for Landingi vs Unbounce

Depending on where you are in your business lifecycle, you may or may not have a lot of money in your budget. Every dollar counts when you’re trying to get your business off the ground. Look at the pricing below to see which platform provides enough value to justify the price point.

Landingi Pricing

  • Core costs $35 per month. It gives you unlimited conversions, unlimited landing pages, 1,000 unique visits per month, and 1 custom domain and SSL.
  • Create costs $79 per month. It gives you unlimited conversions, unlimited landing pages, free migration service, 20,000 unique visits per month, and 2 custom domains and SSL
  • Automate costs $109 per month. It gives you unlimited conversions, unlimited landing pages, free migration service, 40,000 unique visits per month, and 4 custom domains, SSL and PaigeInsider
  • Agency costs $129 per month. It gives you unlimited conversions, unlimited landing pages, free migration service, 50,000 unique visits per month, 5 custom domains, SSL, PaigeInsider, unlimited subaccount, and the option to white label.

If you choose to pay annually, you get 2 free months.

Landingi Pricing: How Much Does Landingi Cost Per Month?

Unbounce Pricing

  • Launch costs $90 per month. It gives you up to 500 conversions, up to 20,000 visitors, and one domain.
  • Optimize costs $135 per month. It gives you up to 1,000 conversions, up to 30,000 visitors, 5 domains, 30% more conversions with Smart Traffic.
  • Accelerate costs $225 per month. It gives you up to 2,500 conversions, up to 50,000 visitors, 10 domains, 30% more conversions with Smart Traffic.

If you choose to pay for Unbounce annually, you can get 10% off the price.

Unbounce Pricing : New Plans That Are All About Conversions

Is Landingi or Unbounce Best for Creating a Professional Online Presence?

Everything you put online gives people a certain perception of your business. You want people to feel like they can trust you and your business when they land on your page. If your page doesn’t work properly or looks low-quality, you won’t get the result you want.

Both Unbounce and Landingi give you tools to make your landing pages look like they were custom designed by a developer. The important thing is that you take your time and make sure they look good. With the simple templates that come with both Unbounce and Landingi, you can achieve a professional look.

However, keep in mind that you might need to tweak the templates since they might not have the right theme or photos in them as they are. Whichever one you choose, it is important that you make them fit your brand.

Other Popular Landing Page Builders

  • Leadpages has been one of the most popular landing page builders for a long time. Their pricing isn’t unreasonable for what you get and it’s easy to learn, so many marketers recommend this platform.
  • Instapage is another great option that allows you to quickly—almost instantly—create on-brand landing pages that are pleasing to the eye and attractive to customers.
  • HubSpot is a well-known name in the digital marketing world, and its landing page creator is impressive. They back it with their reputation and you’ll be able to get good results using it

What are the Benefits of Using a Landing Page Builder Like Landingi or Unbounce?

If you don’t want to add another subscription to your budget, you might be trying to figure out if there are truly benefits to using a landing page builder.

Here are just a few key benefits of using a landing page builder. Even if you only took one of these, it would be worth the price of either Unbounce or Landingi.

  • Grow your email list
  • Improve customer conversions
  • Improve overall engagement
  • Allows for implementation of up-sells and down-sells

To put it simply, a landing page is an integral part of your sales funnel and overall online business.


Question: Can you advertise a landing page on Google?

Answer: It depends on the landing page and the search term you want to advertise for. Google Ads has something called a relevancy score and if your landing page isn’t relevant—it’s a definite no. Make sure your landing page has valuable information that is serving the searcher and you’re more likely to get the Google Ads thumbs up.

Question: When do you need to create a landing page?

Answer: You should use a landing page any time you put out an ad. The landing page should give more information after the ad got their attention.

Question: Can a landing page be a homepage?

Answer: There are no hard rules, but landing pages almost always have one focus and no links out to other parts of the website. The main goal is to collect an email address or to make a sale.

Which Platform Should You Use for Your Landing Page Needs?

Now that you know more about Landingi and Unbounce, it’s easier to get an idea of which one makes sense for your business. In some cases, it’s just too close to call and you need some help.

In my personal opinion, I really like Unbounce. Yes, it’s more expensive, but the features it provides can really help with your conversion rates on the landing pages you create. If you increase your conversion rates enough when you have a lot of traffic coming in, you could easily recoup your investment and pay for the monthly or annual fees for using it.

Landingi isn’t a slouch either though. If you’re on a tight budget, then by all means—give it a go.

Don’t forget to check out our article on 7 Best LeadPages Alternatives before you go.

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