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7 Best SEMrush Alternatives for Serious Marketers in 2018

Before we review the best SEMrush alternatives of the year, here’s a horrible truth you probably already have twinkling in the back of your mind: If you are not on the first page of search engine result pages (SERPs), even if your content and special offers rock, they will not get the visibility they deserve.
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Mixpanel Vs Google Analytics: Which is Better?

In a time where budgets are getting tighter, marketers – especially those with a digital focus – increasingly have to justify their work, and defend their budget. For the digital people, there are a number of tools available for getting data from your company website, that tells you about your customers and their behavior, to
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Mixpanel Vs Amplitude: Which is Best for Data Analysis?

In a time when marketing departments and their budgets frequently come under intense scrutiny from directors and the C-suite, digital marketers need to have some knowledge of data analysis, or, if the team has capacity, a dedicated analyst. There are lots of tools available. In marketing themselves, their appeals to you can all seem similar,
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Hotjar vs. Crazy Egg Comparison Review: Which is the Hotter Egg?

Read on to find out which between Crazy Egg vs Hotjar is the better Heatmapping software, and ultimately, the better conversion tool for your site. It is true and real marketers know it. Assuming is the mother or father of all slip-ups. Nowhere does this wise saying chime true than when you are a webmaster
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8 Best SimilarWeb Alternatives to Add to your Web Intelligence Tool Kit Now

These best SimilarWeb alternatives will empower you to get ahead of your competition by doing what they are doing smarter and more creatively. SimilarWeb is a fantastic business intelligence tool to help you find and analyze insights into what you could be doing to boost the credibility of your site, reach and engagement, as well
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