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I blog about the tools I use every day because everyone hates hype-mongers. Don't be a hype-monger. I build web assets every day and I know the struggle with choosing the right tools. From SEO to website creation, to sales funnels tools, I've used them all and now I'm here to tell you about them.

7 Best Grammarly Alternatives for Your Specific Type of Writing [2019 Edition]

By Ewen Finser | Copywriting

This Grammarly alternatives review compares the best grammar and spell checker software without the shortcomings of Grammarly. Let’s start right from the beginning. Why would you want to scout for the best Grammarly alternatives around? Well. Professionals. Editors. Copywriters. Bloggers. Students. Journalists. Job seekers. What do they all have in common? They write. A lot. […]

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Asana vs (Formerly Dapulse): Which is the Best Project Management Software?

By Ewen Finser | Project Management

While both workflow management tools offer sleek user interfaces and intuitive user experiences, they are not the same features-wise as you’ll discover in this Asana vs comparison Wondering whether to choose Asana vs Perhaps you do not need the heavy lifting horsepower of an advanced project management software such as JIRA or BaseCamp. […]

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TransferWise vs Remitly [Nov 2019]

By Ewen Finser | Accounting

Here’s what you need to know before sending money with Remitly vs TransferWise Bottom Line Up Front: Because of the added multi-currency support and international money transfer routes, I much prefer going with TransferWise here (note: this is a referral link if you use it, “thank you” in advance). Global money transfer services have come a […]

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