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I blog about the tools I use every day because everyone hates hype-mongers. Don't be a hype-monger. I build web assets every day and I know the struggle with choosing the right tools. From SEO to website creation, to sales funnels tools, I've used them all and now I'm here to tell you about them.

Best Shopify Upsell Apps

By Ewen Finser | Ecommerce

You’ve invested quite heavily in marketing and the whole lead generation process. It might have taken quite some time to build plus repeatedly analyze and test, but your war chest is almost complete. You seemingly now have just the right tools to hunt down prospects and direct them to your online store. Sadly, even after […]

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Top 4 Shopify Payment Gateways

By Ewen Finser | Payment Processing

Inventory…check. User interface…check. Domain…check. Everything about your Shopify-based online store now looks solid and ready to roll. The stage is set and it’s almost showtime. Just one more little thing. Yes, you’re dead right. A payment system. One that’s good enough to support your business for the long haul. Come to think of it, facilitating […]

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16 Best Asana Alternatives for Project Management [May 2019 Edition]

By Ewen Finser | Project Management

More people are working away from the conventional workplace. That has meant more teams, small and medium businesses are turning to project management software to help make collaboration, communication and goal achievement possible. Asana is one of the most popular project and task management solutions in the market today. With its characteristic visual interface, ease […]

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